RHS Week in Preview - Make It Matter!

Weekly Events - Random Acts of Kindness Week


RHS Online Course Registration Begins through Math Classes (Teachers will need to sign off on honors/AP courses)


RHS Online Course Registration

Fire Drill-Period 3

High School Success Night (incoming 9th graders) 6-7:30PM Media Center - Please RSVP to Cathy at ctezber@pasco.k12. Dinner for staff at 5:15.

Girls Tennis vs. WCHS, Boys Tennis @ WCHS


10th Grade Writer's Workshop - All Day - Gym

AVID Site Team 7:40AM RM 118

Facilities/Safety Committee 7:40AM RM 206

Online Course Registration

Parent Hotline for Incoming 9th Graders

Track @ AHS


10th Grade Writer's Workshop - All Day - Gym

PBS/Leadership 7:40AM RM 206

Boys Tennis vs. AHS, Girls Tennis @ AHS

Softball @ RRHS

2/14 Happy Valentine's Day!

Faculty Share Session 7:40AM RM 106

GEP Celebration Lunch RM 106

One Billion Rising Dance 2:30PM Cafeteria - only students who have a ticket should be released by announcement, no backpacks

Softball vs. TCHS

Baseball @ SSHS

Kindness Week

Ridgewood High School in collaboration with several clubs and organizations will be sponsoring a "Random Acts of Kindness Week" the week of 2/10. Like the website states, take this week to step out of your normal routine or comfort zone and attempt a new random act of kindness each day to celebrate the week: http://www.randomactsofkindness.org.

The week will culminate with the "One Billion Rising" dance to promote awareness of domestic violence. This is an international movement to bring awareness and also to celebrate pride and respect. The link is here: http://www.onebillionrising.org. We have signed up to participate in the event which will consist of those who are interested learning a dance and participating on Friday afternoon in the cafeteria. Anyone who would like to participate can pick up a ticket at lunches and report to the cafeteria at 2:30 (with no backpacks). We will make an announcement. We will have a brief presentation and then perform the dance as a school. We will videotape this event to post on the "One Billion Rising" website. The press will be in attendance.

Throughout the week, we will also be hosting events at lunch such as PSA announcements, Random Acts of Kindness, and a Pledge Chain. The dance team will be teaching students and interested faculty/staff the One Billion Rising dance the last 15 minutes of lunches in the green space by the Senior Patio area. We hope that you will promote this in your classroom and encourage your students to participate. If you would like your organization to participate in the week, please let Gloryvee Ortiz or Angela Smith.


"Teaching is not my job, it's my passion; getting better at it-that's my job."

@Jose Popoff

PLC Follow Up from 2/7 Collaboration Session


The goal is to develop a firm understanding of tracking student progress, the benefits, and reflection on current practices.

Each PLC facilitator was provided a purple folder with several documents relating to Tracking Student Progress (all documents are attached to the week in preview email). Using the research contained in the documents as evidence, graphically represent on the Google Doc - what is and what is not tracking student progress?

PLC Fed Ex Day 2/17


In preparing for our PLC Day on 2/17, I was inspired by Daniel Pink's Drive, a book that delves into the science of human motivation and how businesses and schools fail to motivate their employees at times. I wanted to explore the ideas of autonomy in learning, ensure that our organization is striving to reach mastery (but never attaining, of course, since mastery is an asymptote) and developing a strong sense of purpose for our actions.

In preparation for 2/17, please view these three short videos: the RSA Animate version of Pink’s Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us talk; Two questions that can change your life; and What’s your sentence? Some of these may seem familiar as we viewed them last year, but I think this is a great time to revisit these important principles.

Please consider writing a “sentence” that exemplifies your role in our school/their life, and write your sentence on this Padlet.

Below I summarized Pink’s key points regarding autonomy, mastery, and purpose and outlined the expectations for 2/17 (8AM-3PM).

On 2/17, your task is to be self-directed in your learning. Be productive. Live your sentence. Ask, am I better today than yesterday? Seek mastery in your role. Remember our ultimate purpose. The only rule? You must deliver. A product…a project…ideas…action.

Pink calls providing this autonomous time for innovation a "Fed Ex Day"- employees choose what to work on, with whom, and however they’d like. The expectation is that “they must deliver something: a new idea, a better internal process, a refined lesson plan, an innovative teaching practice – by the end of the day.”

As you work, consider the following:

  • Task – Choose tasks that will benefit and impact student learning. Think differently!
  • Technique – Design your activities and project work in your own way, so long as the end result is a benefit to students.
  • Team – Work with your PLC team, but consult with the many knowledgeable people in our school! Every team will be responsible for “delivering.” Consider the importance of the collaborative efforts!
  • Time – Use your time as you see fit. Products will need to be delivered by 2PM.
  • Here are some examples, click here.

On 2/14, teachers will fill out a Google Form to let us know who would be working together, what you will accomplish, and where you will be working. This will help to provide a game plan when you arrive by 8AM (we will have breakfast) to get started. At 2PM, we will meet in RM 106 where each group will have 60 seconds to present their creation to the rest of the staff using the Google Doc as a share space.

Secondary Elective Art, Music, Drama Teachers (Optional)

You may attend one of the collaboration sessions in your area across the county. See the podcast provided by OTL here.