The Death of Marilyn Monroe

By: Talisha Lee

Background Information

Marilyn Monroe was no angel but she stood for woman rights. She was known as a young beautiful actress and a sex icon. Monroe had a pretty rocky childhood but she never let that affect her. The young actress was very popular and caught the attention of many young stars. Monroe died at the age of 36. So sad to see a young star go so early.

Suicide or Homicide?

Rumors are going around that beautiful actress committed suicide but there's evidence that could prove other wise. Who would take over 40 something pills, and inject themselves in the heart with a one foot needle. I believe that the suicide is just something they used to try and clear the air so that people wouldn't ask questions but that's just what happened.

The Media

I believe the media is trying really hard to cover it up. They really pushed the issue to be a suicide even thought all the evidence can go to prove that this was a homicide. Like for instance the blood splatters on the walls. There was no water or anything on the bedside, and if someone overdoses normally they vomit and there was no sign of vomit anywhere. Why were the ambulance called to the house at 10 something at night and the psychiatrists were at the house and no one notified or called the police until four in the morning to pronounce her dead. I believe Monroe was brutally murdered because she had relations with the Kennedy's, both John and Jack. Monroe threatened to speak out on all their secrets and that I think triggered the Kennedy's and created that plan.
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The criticisms I believed that were portrayed with this was; Feminist and Historical. Feminist because Marilyn was a young, attractive woman but she also believed in women rights. Historical because this happened over 50 years ago and this woman is still talked about till this day. We'll never really know what happened the night she died but at least she's at peace and she will go down in history and be looked up upon by many for years to come.

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May 7, 2015