The real fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Alcohol (wine,beer,or liquor) is the leading known syndrome


It's clear that abusing alcohol during pregnancy is dangerous, but what about the occasional drink? How much alcohol constitutes too much during pregnancy? No evidence exists that can determine exactly how much alcohol ingestion will produce birth defects. Individual women process alcohol differently.Other factors, too, such as the age of the mother, the timeing and regularity of the alcohol ingestion, and whether the mother has eaten any food while drinking

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Additionally, those who give birth to FAS children characteristically smoke, use illegal drugs, are frequently malnourished, and rarely receive adequate medical care during pregnancy. And drinking during pregnancy has not declined among such women over time. Because of their addiction, these women are virtually immune to our current educational approach. This may also be because so many of these women are poorly educated and often lead marginal lives