Heather's Home Life

Issue 5 | October 2019

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London & Paris

Hi! How was the end of your summer? Honestly, mine was dreamy!

To celebrate 10 years of marriage, Michael & I spent 10 days out of the country. The children enjoyed a staycation of their own with Nai Nai (grandma).

Our days in London & Paris were overwhelming in the best kind of way. I experienced places I've dreamed of since childhood and that came with a great deal of emotion and gratitude. Mostly, I'm thankful for a decade of steadfast partnership from my main squeeze, Michael. Adventuring with him in Europe was such a treat.

Off to School!

Congratulations to our daughter, Ramona, who started 2nd grade.

And to our son, Clark, who is tackling Kindergarten with focus & smiles.

And, to me. Because now both of my children are in school. *slow clapping for myself*

Upcoming Events

Guys, welcome to fall. Soon it will be the winter holiday season, so let's take every opportunity to celebrate the best time of year! Mark your calendars for...

Market News

Not only is fall a great time to get cozy, it's also a great time to shop for a home! I'm currently helping three clients look for their next house, and there's room for you in my schedule! Plus, mortgage rates are amazing right now - below 4%! New homes continue to come on the market each week, and summer inventory is coming down in price.

Ask a Realtor

If you use smart tech at home, check out our National Association of Realtors new "Ask a Realtor" application! Get quick answers to more than 250 home buying & selling questions. Don't enjoy talking to computers? Don't worry - I'm a human Realtor and I love listening to questions!

The Quizmistress is Back!

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My 7-week Harry Potter trivia series is back! This fall, I'll be at deVere's Irish Pub in Davis. Term starts TONIGHT, October 1st at 7 p.m. Be you witch, wizard, muggle, squib, fantastic beast, or one of Mrs. Figg's perfectly ordinary house cats, you're invited to play. Find weekly updates on Instagram @heatherdowneyhomes.

You're guaranteed to:

*enjoy good eats & drink*

*play the hardest (but most satisfying) Harry Potter trivia games of your life*

*make new friends...because Potter fans are the kindest fans in the world*

It's Not Creepy to Follow Me...On Instagram

Normally I frown upon being followed, but I'd appreciate the follow on the 'gram. You can find me @heatherdowneyhomes. Market news, homes I've shown, and real-time updates on special events I want YOU to enjoy!