Byron Nelson Orchestra

January 2021

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Byron Nelson Orchestra Solo Festival

Our Virtual Solo Festival takes place via Zoom on Saturday, January 23.

Students have signed up for one of several Zoom recitals.

Each student will play their solo with the accompaniment for the rest of the students and the clinician in the recital together.

Student Expectations are:

Students will dress nicely.

Students will need 2 devices -- 1 for the accompaniment and 1 to join the Zoom session.

(Accompaniment is downloaded onto a separate device from the one they are using for the Zoom Session so that they are not streaming 2 directions simultaneously.)

Students will have the .pdf of their music pulled up and ready to drop into the chat when it is their turn to play.

Students will be ready on time to enter the Zoom.

Students will perform and be audience for the other 5 students -- they will stay for the entire recital.

(If a student looses connection, they will work to reestablish connection to the Zoom meeting, so the monitor can let them back in.)

Clinicians will offer some suggestions for musicianship, technique for students after all have performed.

Zoom Recital Norms:

We have spoken with students about remembering to show good audience behavior while the other students are performing.

They will be polite, respectful and encouraging of each other.

They will stay attentive and facing the screen with the video on, but muted, while others perform.


We are in need of 2-4 volunteers to help monitor the Zoom sessions. The link is below. If you are available, please consider volunteering your time.

If you have questions about the day, please feel free to contact me via email --

or call 817-698-5692 between 8 and 10:30am

Parent Volunteers Needed

Save the Dates:

Solo Festival -- 8-4:30 (assigned times) -- Saturday, January 23

Pre-UIL -- during the school day

UIL Recordings -- February 23 &/or 24 -- performances will be recorded during the school day

Feb 2 -- Sectionals begin

March 1 -- Full Orchestra rehearsals begin

April 30 -- Spring concert

BN Orchestra 20-21 Remind

Parents and students, join the 2020-2021 BN Orchestra Remind for quick updates on any information we need to pass on to you. To do this, please text to 81010: