Sexual Orientation

What does it mean?

Discrimination of sexual orientation means that society treats you differently based on who you are as an individual. They might treat you unfairly based on your sexual orientation because it seems odd to them, or it goes against their religious beliefs. An example of this would be gay marriage. Gay marriage is still illegal is many countries, and not until recently did Canada legalize same-sex marriages.

Global Issue

Discrimination based on ones sexual orientation is a global wide issue that affects many people. There are many people in the world who face discrimination everyday. Some of which are afraid to come out and admit who they really are, because they are worried about what others will think of them. Those who do come out are those who have learned to love themselves and accept them for who they are. It takes time for individuals to embrace their sexuality, for it is a confusing moment in their life. Those who live in countries where there is a death penalty for being gay, it would be more difficult for them to love themselves, as they follow the beliefs of society into hatred.
Ending gay discrimination PSA

How it affects Canadians

Although Canada has the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects all Canadians against inequality and discrimination, Canada only recently legalized gay marriage. Like any other country, Canadians will still possess discriminatory behaviours against the LGBT community. We do respect them for who they are, but some individuals will still treat them unfairly because they were taught to disrespect certain people.

Responsibilities of Canada

Canada is one of the first countries to legalize gay marriage. They are like role models to other countries. We are responsible for many things and one of them would be to promote equality. Equality means to treat everyone as an equal individual under all circumstances. We must treat everyone fairly no matter the age, gender, race, skin colour, mental or physical disabilities, or even sexual orientation. It outlines equality within society and freedom of individuality. We accept them for who they are not based on their sexual orientation, but for who they are as individuals. Promoting equality within all people would maintain peace within our society.

Quality of Life

Life itself is already very valuable. It is something that cannot be bought, and it is unique in every way. Being gay is not a choice; it is also not a mental disorder that people possess. Being gay is a part of ones identity. To be discriminated against based on who we are is out of line. Some people would hide their true self in order to avoid these situations. They pretend to be someone else so that they don't seem like an outcast. Doing so does not mean you are living life to the fullest. You are hiding from fear and you are allowing people to manipulate you through their opinions. It makes the quality of life worth more when you learn to love yourself for who you are.
Born GAY ? Is it a Choice ?

Spreading Awareness

Many people may think that being gay is a choice, but it is not. Being gay is a natural part of life, which cannot be controlled. Many people in society will discriminate against them without putting consideration on how they feel. Many people think poorly of the LGBT community because they separate church from state. How we can promote awareness is by allowing society to see that gay people are humans too.