The Wildcat Weekly


Emergancy Procedures Revisited

This week we practiced a Reverse Evacuation. This safety procedure would be used on a day like Field Day when most of the student body is outside and suddenly the conditions outside became unsafe. When accounting for students during an emergency, the procedure is ALWAYS the same even if not explicitly stated in the manual:

  • Email North Coventry Office
  • Subject: Teacher Name-Room # - All Present, Missing Students, Extra Students/Adults


Subject: Betsy Smith - Room 100 - Missing Johnny Jumpjoy

Field Day Schedule

8:25 AM - teachers running stations meet John by the Pavilion.

8:50 AM - classroom teachers report to the bus lot with students.

12:00 - 12:45 PM - student lunch in classrooms (teachers supervise students/para's lunch).

12:55 PM - classroom teachers walk students to assembly (paras supervise students).

1:50 PM - teachers join their class at the assembly.

Please reference John's e-mail for details. This day runs best when EVERYONE has read the directions and is prepared. If you are unsure about something - ASK.


  • Monday - Youth Power Presentations K-4
  • Monday - Kindergarten Data Meeting @ 7:50 AM
  • Wednesday - Citizenship Awards @ 1:45 PM
  • Thursday - 1st-6th Grade Data Meetings
  • Friday - No Team Meetings
  • Friday - Field Day
  • Friday - Yearbooks Distributed

This will be the last week for Team Meetings!

Science Kit Pick-Up

Wednesday, June 3rd, 9am

475 Kemp Road

Pottstown, PA

The CCIU will run two “kit-pick-up-sweeps” of science kits in the next two weeks.

June 3 and June 9

Please email Randy if you have a kit in your room that is ready to be returned or kits can be placed in the hallway outside of the cafeteria for pick-up.

You Rock Because . . .

  • Tom & Julia had an AMAZING Art Show!
  • Karen N. conducted a successful Band Concert!
  • Annette & the Wellness Task Force organized an entertaining and informative assembly program!
  • Heather & Lisa attended the Redistricting Committee Meeting on Thursday night!