By: Trent Wilhem and Nico Matheus

country, capital

Venezuela, Caracas

Currency (exchange rate)

Venezuela: Bolivar

1 U.S. Dollar: 6.3 Venezuelian Bolivar


30.4 million people



President -Nicolás Maduro

Cultural Actvities

Carnival-similar to mardi gras held to celebrate start of Christian lent. Usually February.

Festivals- The procession of holy Shepard.

Carnival for Venezuela .

La pardura del nino.

Drumming feast of St.John.

May cross celebration


Arepas- a thick bread like a beagle

Cachitos- bread filled with meat stuffing

Tamales-dough cooked or fried usually meat filled after done it is wrapped in corn husk

Perico- eggs, tomatoes, onion, Ham, and jalapeños

Pande hamon- bread with ham

Tourist attractions

Angel falls- a beautiful waterfall that a lot of tourist over to see

Mochima national park- it is a nice park and voted one of the best parks behind central park

Parque central complex- it is a great place and one of the tallest buildings in in Venezuela