Deaths of 2 star crossed lovers

Why Friar Laurence is responsible

Throughout the play romeo and Juliet there are many reasons of who caused the deaths of the lovers ,but the most responsible for the deaths is Friar Laurence. In the play the Friar married romeo and Juliet to supposedly bring peace with the feuds but it further increased the hatred between the feuds and causes deaths.

“I married them;and their stolen marriage-day was tybalt's dooms-day”{Shakespeare,Act:5,Scene:3}.This explains of how the two lovers deaths occur because marrying people from different sides of feuds usually don't end well and sometimes causes deaths and losses from all sides of family. In the play the Friar devised plan to get romeo and Juliet together again because they can't live without each other. “...gave i her...A sleeping potion….At the prefixed hour of her waking….with...true romeo dead….she...did violence on herself”{Shakespeare,Act:5,scene:3}. This quote explains that when friar Lawrence married romeo and Juliet their love could not be separated so they would go to any cost to be with each other as wife and husband in life or in death.


Human and Covenant feuds

In the books,games,and movies Halo is about how humans and aliens rival against each other for the peace and dominance in the galaxy. This feud started when the Covenant tried reasoning peace with the Humans,but the covenant already attacked several human colonies and demanded humans to submit to their law or die. But of course us humans wont submit without a fight so the war of human and Covenant began. This feud relates to romeo and Juliet because in the war a lot of important lives and homes are destroyed on both sides of the fight. But When the Covenant try to dispose of their best warriors (Elites) the Elites reason with the humans after fighting for years they join together to fight the covenant and a future enemy the Flood.



In the first movie Transformers, 2 ancient feuds collide together again on planet earth. The good side of the feud is called auto-bots their leader octomis prime fight for the humans; the auto bots are trying to save the humans from the decepticons who seek domonice over the entire galaxy. Their leader megatron will not stop at nothing to find a way to control everything.