Kindergarten News!

March 25th-28th

Happy Easter

Look what we are learning about the week of April 1st-5th

Language Arts: Letter "Zz"

Math: Problem Ordering Numbers ~ Measurement / Mass

Social Studies: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse / Conservation

Science: Physical Characteristics Plants / Animals

Sight Words: a, zero, and, this, am, pink, at, me, blue, you, black, yellow, brown, can, go, green, gray, I, is, look, my, orange, on, purple, red, see, the, to, white, he, she, do, like, it, three, here, six, with, eight, what, nine

Look what we are learning about!

April Birthdays & Holidays

Easter Break: March 29th-31st

Mrs. Kroll's Birthday: April 4th

Quote of the Week!

Don't let yourself become

so concerned with raising

a good kid

that you forget

you already have one.

Glennon Melton~