Ms. Webster's Third Grade Class

Our Classroom News Brief

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Welcome to the Fourth and Final Quarter!

Dear families,

I hope you had a restful and refreshing Spring Break. I enjoyed hearing about all the interesting things that you did from your students. As we approach the end of the school year and End-of-Grade testing I will be asking more from our students than ever before. I know they are ready though, because they are looking more and more like 4th graders every day!

We will finish our work on fractions by mid-April and move on to our final unit on measurement. I will also be reviewing strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can support your student's mastery of these skills by talking to them about the math you use every day (e.g. "I have $550 in my checking account and our power bill is $88. How much money will I have after my check clears?)

We will continue to practice reading strategies that should develop reading comprehension as well as test-taking skills. Be on the lookout for slight changes to your child's reading log. They will come home with questions similar to the ones found on the bookmark that came home before the break. These questions will be tailored to help each individual build comprehension. Please use these questions as starting points for discussions with your child about their reading. Your interest will boost their interest.

Finally, Mr. Ackerman, the school counselor, will be coming in once a week to help develop positive attitudes towards school work and test taking. We will practice healthy strategies to relieve stress and moderate anxiety. Ask your student about their strategies and let them teach you!

While the EOGs are important measures of students' understanding that must be taken seriously, I do not want to create undue anxiety. I have already seen so much growth in the one quarter I have worked with your children and I know that they are capable of great things! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you,

Ms. Webster

This Week in Third Grade

Math- We will be building on our understanding of fractions on a number line to compare fractions. Please continue practicing with your student at home with the fraction game sent home before the break.

English Language Arts- We will practice strategies for understanding informational texts and answering questions based on details in the text. We will also begin synthesizing information from a variety of documents, to include photographs, timelines, and non-traditional texts. We will also be practicing with more traditional passages from past EOG tests.

Science- N/A

Social Studies- This week we will be investigating the ways African culture is still visible in our culture today by comparing a variety of documents. We will be working with Ms. Brown, the school librarian, to help pull information from a variety of historical documents. We will also begin investigating the modern African-American community in Asheville and WNC.

Person of the Week

Our first Person of the Week for the fourth quarter is Ciella Steury. Ciella absolutely blew me away with her commitment to her education at the end of the last quarter. After several absences due to illness, Ciella completed every single missed assignment and worked double-time to catch up in and out of class. Ciella asked questions when she didn't understand, checked her work for mistakes, and helped to create a peaceful working environment for those around her. Ciella has been a leader in our classroom since we met in January and I am so proud and happy to celebrate her hard work this week. Ciella has earned lunch with a friend, a homework pass, use of the classroom beanbag chair and will have her star on our classroom student board all week! Keep up the great work Ciella!
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Important Dates

Thurs., Apr. 7th: PTO Meeting 6 pm at the Burton Street Community Center- (only Thurs. meeting)

Sat., Apr. 16th: 5:30 pm ACS Foundation fundraiser Celebration of Champions
Sat., April 16th: 9am-noon Spring Grounds Work Day
Mon., Apr. 18th: Last Day of Spring After School Arts
Mon., Apr. 18th: Individual and Group Picture Day
Tues., Apr. 19th: ACS Forum on the Whole Child 5:15-6:15pm at central office

Thurs., Apr. 28th: Family Voices/Community Outreach - Grant Center, 5:30-7:00pm
Fri., April 29: Claxton Play: The Nifty Fifties 6:00 pm
Sat., April 30: Claxton Play: The Nifty Fifties 6:00 pm
Sun., May 1st: Claxton Play: The Nifty Fifties 1:30 am

Betts Webster

3rd Grade Teacher

Claxton Elementary