Writer's Workshop

Setting up and managing writing in your classroom

I am so excited to share some writer's workshop resources with you! These are things that have helped me implement the workshop style of writing in my classroom. It is one of my students' favorite times of the day!

Books to refer to!

Articles and Websites to help get you started!

I highly recommend reading this document titled It's Always the "Write" Time for Mini-Lessons in Writing Workshop. It has great info on getting started and ideas for mini-lessons; plus it's FREE! :) Just click the link!

And a few more....

Welcome to Writer's Workshop

Tips for Starting

Mini-Lesson Ideas

There's an App for That!

There is an amazing site called BrightLoop that will change your life as a teacher forever! Say good-bye to misplaced paper and sticky notes and say hello to online anecdotal notes!!! This is a FREE site you can use on your computer or download apps on ANY device. BrightLoop allows you to store notes about your students in reading, math, writing, behaviors, and more. This site also lets you put each student in a group (needs attention, on track, or ahead) in each category. It is even possible to link CCSS to what the kiddos are working on AND give them each a goal!!!

During writing workshop I carry my tablet around with me. I have my BrightLoop app open and I click on the name of the student I am visiting. The app tracks who I have conferenced with AND I can type quick notes about the student. Ex. "Timmy is still struggling with punctuation." or "Anna has conquered using transition words."

It gets better....with these notes being saved online I can access them anywhere. Think report card time...now I can easily refer back to that student and see all of the notes in one place! While in the app and using your device, snap a quick picture of that student's work to be saved along side your note!

Date Stamper

Don't forget to get yourself a date stamper! We stamp what we are working on so we can keep track of how long we are spending on one project or watch how our writing improves throughout time. Some classrooms have the student stamp whatever they are working on at the beginning of the writing workshop. I like to carry the stamper around with me and use it as a way to make sure I am conferring with each student and track those times.
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