Mt Sinai Brunch in Teaneck

For "Alumni", Parents & Grandparents of Mt Sinai attendees

We Have Some Exciting Things To Tell You About

  • Hear about the transformation of our vibrant multi-generational community over the past 10 years and the services we offer to hundreds of singles, young families, seniors, and everyone in between
  • Meet Rabbi Ezra Schwartz and our young leadership
  • Learn more about once-in-a-lifetime dedication opportunities associated with our building renovation, which will provide newly expanded space for davening, learning and other programming

Mt Sinai Jewish Center Brunch in Teaneck, NJ

Sunday, July 20th, 10-11:30am

At the Home of Gail Stechler

Please RSVP for the address and more information. Light brunch will be served. No cost to attend.

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About Us

Mount Sinai Jewish Center is a vibrant Modern Orthodox synagogue with a rich history spanning more than 100 years in Washington Heights. It is the center of a cohesive and inclusive community which maintains traditional Jewish observance while engaging the next generation of Jewish leaders. We serve a diverse and multi-generational community through an array of religious, social, and educational services and programs.

In addition to meaningful daily, Shabbat, and Holiday tefillot, we offer stimulating shiurim on a wide variety to topics, frequent scholars-in-residence, peer-led and individual learning opportunities in our Beit Midrash; a variety of social programs for young professionals, recent college graduates, seniors, married couples, and families; and volunteer opportunities which benefit the broader Washington Heights Jewish community.

Planning Committee (in formation)

Aliza Abrams

Susan Abrams

Peggy and Art Cottrell

Talia and Isaac Dayan

Azadeh and Ezra Frazer

Yaffa Jaskoll

Oshra and David Mogilensky

Diana and Michael Nahmias

Batsheva and Elozor Preil

Rena and Yoni Ray

Gail Stechler