Nike's History

By: Mason Hall

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History and Backstory

Nike, which was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. They started out as a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger selling running out of their car. They sold 1300 pairs of shoes with a total sales of $8,000. The next year they reached $20,000. In 1966 Blue ribbon Sports opened their first store in Santa Monica, California. In 1971 Blue Ribbon Sports prepared to launch its own line of shoes that have the swoosh logo. The slogan "Just do it" was made in 1988 for a campaign ad.
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Purpose for Business

Nike's purpose for business is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. When they first started out and distributed for Onitsuka Tiger they did it for money.

Nike's success and money comes from many reasons, one is that they help advertise with celebrity athletes, professional teams, and college teams. There are lots of famous athletes that they have signed with Nike and have lots of their own shoes with their own logo on them. Some are Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Keven Durant, Michael Jordan And Kyrie Irving. Nike also distributes their shoes to many famous retailers such as Footlocker.

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Nike's Motivation

The founder Phillip Knight decided to start a shoe business when he was working for his master degree at Stanford University. He wanted to be the world number one athletic shoe company. Phillip planned to beat Adidas by using cheap Japaneses labor to manufacture a cheaper and better running shoe. In 1962, he put his plan into action and went to visit Onitsuka Tiger in Japan. There he sold off brand Adidas. In 1970, Phillip left Onitsuka Tiger and created and sold his own line of shoes. Doing this increased the competition for running shoes. His plan was not to adviser his shoes but to put them on the feet of famous athletes. His plan to be number one (I'd say) worked and Nike is arguable the best athletic shoe brand in the world.
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Functions of Business

Accounting-The money the business makes and how they use it. Ex-Paying bills, paying taxes, Preparing employee payroll.

Management-How the boss or leader runs his or her company. Ex-Makes sure origination meets goal, effectively work wit people, uses available resources.

Marketing-How you sell your goods and/or services. Ex- Product, price, placement.

Information Technology- The person who runs the company's technology. Ex- Maintain emails, maintain software applications, maintain processing system.

Operation- The step it takes to sell your goods. Ex- Involves behind the scene paperwork,found in services, found in manufacturing.

Human Resources-The person that helps the worker and meets the needs of customer. Ex-Manages peoples relations in the company, helps workers develop skills and knowledge, does hiring and firing.