telling you how bad smokeing is


If you use tobacco then you will have consequences . Like loss of heat rate and it will be hared to run and you will need to rest a lot.Did you know that if you smoke that you can get lung cancer and emphysema and you can die.And than if you smoke a lot you teeth will get yellow and bad breath.Did you know that you can get wrinkles from smoking and if you have wrinkles people will ask if you are old and you will get mad.and if you use smokeless tobacco will give you bad breath and you might get cancer and that can kill can get addicted on Tobacco and then it will be hard to get of tobacco

4 ways tobcco affects mental

  • addicton
  • relax
  • peer persure

4 social consequences

  • bad breth= no fiends
  • peer pursuer
  • no life
  • addiction

6 consequences

  • bad breath
  • bad teeth
  • wrinkles
  • emphusema
  • yellow teeth
  • heat rate going faster