Avoca West News

Week of April 22, 2021

Planning for the 2021-2022 School Year

As we wrap up this wild and wacky year we've had, our Avoca West teams have already begun thinking ahead to next school year. While we cannot predict what life at school will look like at that time, we ARE thinking about what our classes/groups might look like!

Each year I offer up the opportunities for our families to provide input on their child as a learner and to share a parent perspective to help inform our sectioning process. We optimistically went through this same process last spring to create class lists that we hoped to see together in the fall. Because the process and lists are ones that we really valued and saw working well, we will be starting from those lists as we section for the next year and make adjustments where needed to reflect what we've learned about our students this year. As a reminder, our staff considers and balances many factors including:

  • Individual learning style
  • Student Combination
  • Support service needs
  • Social/Emotional needs
  • Gender balance
  • Teacher’s teaching style
  • Pupil service needs
  • Class size
  • Academic characteristics
  • Chronological age

If you would like to share information or specific needs that may help in the sectioning process, please keep your reasons tied to the factors above and refrain from making special requests for placement into a specific classroom for your child. Requests for a specific teacher will be returned to parents. If there is a teacher or student(s) with whom you have had a less than positive experience with in the past, you may share that in your communication as well. Parent input must be received in the office by May 7th.

State Testing for 3rd-5th Grades -- This May!

Our onsite 3rd-5th graders will begin the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) at the week of May 3rd. This annual assessment gauges students performance towards grade level standards in Mats and English Language Arts through five separate testing sessions. In order to provide the appropriate time for each test session, our students will have one test each day over the course of the week.

  • Monday, May 3 - ELA 1
  • Tuesday, May 4 - ELA 2
  • Wednesday, May 5 - Math 1
  • Thursday, May 6 - Math 2
  • Friday, May 7 - Math 3

All testing sessions will take place during the morning and students will not be able to join a session if they arrive after the session has started.

Make-up testing sessions will take place the following week (May 10th-May 14th) in the mornings following the same schedule as detailed above. Our remote learners who have opted to come in for in-person testing will also join us during these make-up sessions. We will utilize other staff members to proctor the IAR sessions and any necessary small groups or accommodations required. All social distancing and safety protocols will be followed for all participants.

Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to reach out to ask any of our office staff for help!