G.A.T.E.S. Newsletter

October 2015

What a Great First Six Weeks!

The first six weeks have flown by!!!! Progress reports have been emailed and/or sent home. If you did not receive a progress report, please contact me and let me know.

Important News!

I will be testing October 13-30 and most of my GATES classes will be cancelled during the testing period.

What are Your True Colors?

Each grade level took a quiz to determine their "true color". Students researched their color and selected the top personality traits they felt best described them. They provided me with a life connection to justify their top traits.

Finally, students were asked to create a presentation to share with the class explaining their "True Colors" and top personality traits.

Click here to take the quiz to find YOUR "True Colors"

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The Kids at Work!

The Kids LOVE our New Green Screen!

What Learning Looks Like in GATES

Before the lesson, each grade level brainstormed what critical thinking, creative thinking, research skills and independent learning looks like in the GATES classroom.

The students had some good ideas... We will continue to add to these lists as the students come up with new ways to show evidence of their learning.