Planning for a Sustainable Future

Unit 4 Project

Topics and Groupings

Each group will be assigned one of the following “spheres” as their area of focus:






You will form a group of FIVE for this project - each person becoming an expert on a subtopic of your selected sphere.

Choosing your Subtopic

Each group member will be responsible for researching and presenting their own subtopic within the group. You will become the expert in your group for this subtopic - so be prepared!

Criteria for choosing a subtopic

  • must be a current environmental issue anywhere in the world
  • must be an issue that has a easily defined cause, effect, and sustainable solution
  • must not be similar to anyone else's topic in your group

The Seminar

Each group will be given ONE full class period to present their findings to the class. That means each person in the group is responsible for leading the presentation for 10 minutes. You will be evaluated on your contributions to the presentation, not the work of your peers.

Seminar criteria:

  • the seminar must appear as one presentation, not 5 different ones. Group members should work together to decide how they will tie each subtopic together during the seminar. You should also use only ONE presentation platform during your seminar.

  • the seminar should contain video, diagrams, maps, and other visuals that would contribute to your audiences' understanding of the issue.

  • the seminar should have an introduction and a conclusion that is prepared and delivered by ALL group members - introduction and conclusion can be 5-10 minutes in length each.

  • the seminar should have the audience participating in the learning in some capacity, not sitting as a passive audience.

The Big Question!

What is the focus of the seminar?

The primary focus of this project is planning for a sustainable future.... meaning how can be manage this particular issue going into the future.

You should spent some time explaining the CAUSE and EFFECT of your environmental issue, but at least half of your time should be spent explaining how this issue can be dealt with in a sustainable manner.

This may look and sound different for each topic, so it is important that you share your ideas with your group members and your teacher to ensure you are on the right track.


You will be assessed using the rubric found at this link: