Summer Slice Vol. IV

LA Staff News

LA is Fully Staffed!

A big WELCOME to our Internal Security Officer! Our officer is former KCPD with experience as a wheels officer, member of the SWAT team, as well as being a Police Academy Instructor. In his spare time, he likes to sit on his back patio with good company and travel to relaxing places. He looks forward to working with a good group of people, and I told him that you all are SO good that he will never want to leave!

What does an LA staffer do during the summers??

I checked in on Paul and this is what he had to say:

I’d say this is the most exciting part of summer: tackling home improvement projects I’ve never done before. So far everything seems to be structurally sound. Other than that it’s nine hours of graduate work, my brother’s pool, and watching Avengers movies with Charlie.

So, if you Super Heroes need to bond, looks like the Richardson house is where it is at!! Check out his major renovations below!

Upcoming Dates to Note...

August 6th: New staff to Liberty start date

August 6th: Registration (optional) 2:00-6:00

August 7th: Registration (optional) 8:00-12:00

August 9th: All teachers return.

August 15th: First day of school.

August 22nd: Back to School Night 6:00-7:00

18-19 Liberty Academy Staff

Melissa Norris, Director

Debi Straws, Secretary

Lori Streu, Counselor

Andrea Johnson, Social Worker

Theo Fundermann, Interventionist

Mark Krause, ISS Instructor

Joe Rooney, Security

Robin Anderson, Long Term Suspension

Lisa Augustine, Missouri Option Program

Judy Smith, Alt. Ed. Teacher

Christine Patterson, Teacher

Art Smith, Teacher

Chad Brinkmeyer, Teacher

Summer Kelley, Teacher

Nick Schwieder, Teacher

Paul Richardson, Teacher

Jared Haferbier, Special Education Teacher

Jodi Williams-Sipes, .5 Teacher

Janet Knoke-LA Cafeteria

Don Creason-LA Custodian

Kathy Wright-LMS Nurse

Ed Leal-Technology