Foundation 2 News

Friday 17th January 2014

Our summary of the half term so far

  • started our new topic 'Stories from around the world'
  • read different versions of the story, the Gingerbread Man
  • talked about characters in stories
  • sewn and decorated gingerbread men
  • recapped the phonics from last term
  • written words, captions and short sentences using many of the sounds that we know

Amethysts and Emeralds

Our new topic is up and run, run, running (as fast as you can!) with the Gingerbread man and other characters! Many of the children were already familiar with this traditional tale of a gingerbread man that doesn’t want to be eaten and runs away passing animals along the way until he meets the fox and comes to an untimely end.

The gingerbread cottages in both classes have proved popular with children taking on the roles of the little old woman and the little old man. Luckily none of their gingerbread man biscuits have run away so far…

The return of Wesley Bear and Ginger (the classes toys) has caused great excitement. Fancy them nipping off to London for a weekend break without telling us! You can read about their adventures in our notebooks…we are all still wondering where they slept as hotels don’t usually take pets!

In maths we have been revising our numbers and practising prepositions. Our felt (hand-sewn) gingerbread men have helped us by going behind, on, under, through, in front of and between a huge number of objects in our classes. They must be exhausted!

We have now started our child-initiated Show & Tell – a time each week when children can show and talk about something that they have made or done in their class. The activity or story is entirely independent and children have to prepare their ‘showpiece’ on their own, without the help of any adult. Our first session was literally sensational! Children presented their pieces confidently and with clarity and the audience were fantastic, listening well and asking appropriate questions. Well done to our first group!

Sewing gingerbread men

We have been busy sewing our gingerbread men using a needle and thread. Look at us working hard.

Next week we will be:

  • making mini books by sequencing pictures from the story
  • creating gingerbread houses from paper bags
  • learning some new sounds in our phonics sessions
  • writing in role for characters in the gingerbread man story


Children should be dropped off at the top of the ramp to allow them to walk into the classroom and unpack their belongings independently. Well done to those children who are already doing this.

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