Literacy In Digital Spaces Part 2

Enhancing Instruction and Student Understanding

The Power of Literacy

Welcome and Objectives

Welcome! I am so glad that we are all here today to share our interest in or passion of literacy. We have a lot to cover today so lets get started!

  • Demonstrate and develop an understanding of how technology tools can enhance the delivery of instruction.
  • Define Literacy in Digital Spaces
  • Demonstrate and develop an understanding of how Digital Spaces enhance student development and understanding of reading and writing.

Enhancing Your Instruction

Teaching With Notability

Lets take a quick look at some of the features in Notability that will help enhance your instruction!

Digital Toolkit

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What is a Digital Toolkit?

  • A collection of resources and materials
  • Used to aid in completing a task efficiently
  • A lifesaver! A variety of solutions at your fingertips

How to Effectively Use a Digital Toolkit?

  • Anchor Charts
  • Student Sample Writing
  • Mentor Text
  • Fiction vs. Nonfiction
  • Portable Word Wall or Vocabulary
  • Mini Lessons (Lucy Calkins - Units of Study)

Where Do I Gather Resources?

Stay Plugged In

The Power of Words - What ways could you tie this video into Literacy with your students?


"Math Class" - Imagined by Kids

Lunch Time

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Writing In Digital Spaces

The Google Plus Community - Student Blogging Network

Want to find a Blog to follow?

The Playground

Today's Meet Resources

  • Inkle Writer for writing a "choose your own adventure" story.
  • Write About This--there is not a link for this one. Just follow them in Twitter to see the Daily Writing Prompt pictures.

Today's Meet!

The link for today's meet will only be active for one week. During that time, we will get all the links out of here and into this Smore Flyer.

Click on the link below to access the Today's Meet.