Canadian Multicultural Day

By: Alexis Sorrell

When Is It?

Multicultural Day is celebrated on June 27.


In 1971, Canada became the first county to make multiculturalism a state policy. It shows that Canada is committed to democracy, equality, and respect. In November of 2002, June 27 became the official day of celebration.


Each activity that is done represents a different country.

  • Guatemala- a band plays music that is native to there
  • Nepal- a clothing promenade is done to show off their common attire
  • El Salvador- folklore dance
  • Vancouver- society story telling

Traditional Foods:

Many international dishes are served at the celebration. Some of the most popular dishes are:

  • Pho- a soup from Vietnam made of broth, noodles, herbs, and meat
  • Rappie Pie- a casserole type dish made of potatoes and chicken originally from Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Poutine- french fries topped with cheese curds and a gravy sauce, this originated in Quebec, Canada

Festive Attire:

People dress in attire from their country of origin.