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QuickBooks Premier or Pro?

Owning a business persuades its owners to make decisions at every step; yet these decisions must be taken wisely because each decision counts in the growth of the overall business, and when it comes to choosing the right software for accounting purposes, the business owners tends towards QuickBooks.

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The problem arises when business owners have to choose the appropriate version of QuickBooks so they get efficiency & accuracy in their work; thus below features of both mostly used desktop platform versions of QuickBooks are discussed to conclude out which is more beneficial.

QuickBooks Premier

  • Premier version of QuickBooks offers its users to simultaneously manage the data files maximum among 5 users; i.e. at the same time, 5 users can operate or work upon different sections of a single data file.

  • In the premier version; users may find features like tracking of various orders i.e. sales or any of the previous pending orders, current availability in the inventory can be tracked down, and invoices management, etc.

  • Users get many features in terms of reporting; i.e. they can segregate the balance sheets on different constraints, forecasting of future budgets can be done, a business planner is included which caters efficient planning, and the user can also choose “Industry Specific reporting” that provides ease in performing tasks.

  • In the premier version of QuickBooks; users get the advantage of reversing journal entries that have been posted earlier, as in accounting the work is on the accrual basis, and the accounting manager always needs to post reverse entries to balance the balance sheet of the firm. Having problem in reversing journal entries take instant help from QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service.

  • Price levels in the premier version of QuickBooks can be found on the per item basis as well as on the fixed percentage basis.

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[Note- Variations in the features of the sub-versions of QuickBooks premier & pro can be found and if you need any technical assistance then contact on QuickBooks Support Number.]

QuickBooks Pro

  • Pro version of QuickBooks grant access to the data files simultaneously maximum up to 3 users; i.e. these 3 users can work at the same on the same data file without any interruptions in the work.

  • In the pro version; users get features like “Receivable & Revenues” in which they can manage all the invoices, receipts of sales and payments. “Payable & Expenditures” offers the users to manage all the purchase orders that have been received or pay the bills that are pending.

  • Users of QuickBooks Pro version can easily adhere to banking activities for depositing money, activities related to deposits & payments through checks, paying charges for the cards or bank charges that are deducted, and many more activities like this.

  • Managing of sales tax separately is possible in the QuickBooks Pro version; also the provision of managing multiple currencies is possible, and the “Reporting” option is also there under which budgets can be prepared by the users, financial reports can be made on different operational constraints, etc. Having issue in managing sales tax? Solve your issue with experts over phone via Intuit Customer Service.

  • In the pro version of QuickBooks, the price levels can only be seen on a fixed percentage basis by the users and not on the per item basis.

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On the basis of above-mentioned features of both the premier & pro version; it can be seen that the premier version is more efficient for enterprises, and if you have any different views than feel free to leave a comment. Already a QuickBooks user and need assistance regarding it, then get in touch via QuickBooks Support.

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