Essentially Blended Family Newsletter 2015

From Caroline Gatsch

Silver Essential Oil & Wellness Educator -and-
Your <the "do" essential oil company> Team Leader
("Team Leader" also know as "Upline")

September Classes & Events

All this month... Bring a guest (or three) to a class for special promotions and freebies.

Note: This section will be updated throughout the month so please check back occasionally!

Don't see a date or location that works for you? Contact Caroline to schedule a class or a one-on-one at your convenience.

Thursday September 8th at 6:30pm

Dogs/Pets and Essential Oils
Old Bag of Nails in Gahanna, Ohio (Creekside)

For more info and to RSVP:

Monday Sept 14th at 6:30pm
Essential Oil Basics Class
Old Bag of Nails in Hilliard, Ohio (Old Hilliard/Main Street)
For more info and to RSVP:

Wednesday Sept 16th at 6:30pm
Essential Oil Bingo (a FUN class lots of giveaways!)
Holistic Health LMT in Lewis Center, Ohio
RSVP to by 9/16 at 1pm

Thursday Sept 24th at 6:30pm
Essential Oil Bingo (a *really* FUN class with TONS of freebies!)
Ability Chiropractic in Columbus (just north of 270 on Rt.23/High Street)
For more info and to RSVP:

Saturday September 26th 9am-3pm ($149 fee)
AromaTouch Certification Class

Ability Chiropractics
8311 N. High Street Columbus Oh 43235

For more info:

Sunday Sept 27th at 2pm-4pm
Post Convention Reveal Class
Come learn about the company's new products that were unveiled at the convention. Bring guests/friends for the many special bonuses that everyone can earn or win!
The Medallion Club in Westerville, Ohio

Wednesday Sept 30th at 6:30pm

Rollerball Make and Take Class.... $20/person
Holistic Health LMT in Lewis Center, Ohio

RSVP to by 9/30 at 1pm

Wednesday Sept 30th at 6:30pm
Intro to Essential Oils for Kids and Families

Old Bag of Nails in Hilliard, Ohio (Old Hilliard/Main Street)
For more info and to RSVP:

This month's Member Specials

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FYI: Post Convention Kit Available Oct 1st

After each of the annual conventions, the company has offered a "Post Convention Kit" of all the new products that were presented at the convention. In the past, the kit has been 200pv and cost around $250. Because it is 200pv, the Immortelle (Sept promo) has been INCLUDED in the kit when it is ordered through your back office by Oct 15th (because many times the Sept promo is held over to Oct 15th). The kit is generally available for purchase on Oct 1st through your back office.

There has been online rumors that there will be up to 6 new oils, at least 1 new beauty product (hair or skin), at least 1 new supplement, and at least 1 new shake. The kit generally runs over $450 retail - so $250 wholesale/200pv is a great deal on these new items.


Looking to share Essential Oils with others?

It is EASY with the 6 Weeks to Elite Challenge

Sunday evenings beginning Sunday Sept 20th from 9:00pm-9:30pm EST.
These calls will be recorded and uploaded to a youtube page so if you aren’t available you can still participate. We will award prizes for people who complete the challenge and share essential oils with others (through classes and one-on-ones). You will be required to watch the trainings, complete the homework that is assigned, and have a call with a mentor, and advance to win a PRIZE!! I would be happy to be your mentor for this challenge!

To participate, please fill out form

We are sorting out prize details and are looking forward to announcing them to everyone!!

The email address that we are using is the facebook page is 6 Weeks to Elite (Jonesing, Mighty, Special). Please be patient with us leaders as we work our hardest to pull this off in a smooth manner. This is our first go at this and we promise it will get better each time we run it!

Thank you in advance for your participation! I cannot wait to cheer you on!!!

Foundations Training in Westerville In October 17

Foundation Training is an introduction to doTERRA's business opportunity and continuing education on business building. All things begin with a solid foundation, the same is true with doTERRA. Foundation Training is presented by your Local Wellness Advocate Leaders.

At this event you will...

Learn why doTERRA is a great company

Recieve valueable steps to start your business

Understand the compensation program

Obtain placement strategy knowledge and more...

There is a $12 registration fee, which covers the rented facility and breakfast (pastries, fresh fruit and coffee/tea).

RSVP IS A MUST! Payment is through eventbrite.

Registration begins at 8:30am ~ Presentation begins promptly at 9:00am

Event will conclude at 12 pm

..... About Caroline .....

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Caroline Gatsch began her essential oil journey in October 2011 when her family was experiencing a medical and emotional crisis. After seeing amazing results from the use of oils, Caroline taught her first class in February 2012. She began incorporating the oils in her health & wellness practice shortly thereafter. Caroline has been a certified perinatal professional (Childbirth Educator, Labor & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor, Early Parenting Educator) for 15+ years. She is passionate about family wellness education including essential oils, self-care for the care giver, and keeping you within your budget while achieving your wellness goals. Caroline's teaching goal is to help make possible a gentle transition as you become a confident and calm (when it comes to your health & wellness) by providing healthy, safe, and evidence-based options.

Caroline and Matt Gatsch have a newly blended family ~ with children ages 13 (girl), 12 (boy), 11 (boy), 9 (girl) ~ that is very active in their community. Caroline's professional & personal experience makes me uniquely qualified to support all families on their wellness journey.

I'm here... Just a call/email/text away!

I am here to help you with general company and oil questions or sharing essential oils & teaching classes.

Request to join THE NEW Essentially Blended Family

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~~~ New website coming in November! ~~~

I am developing a new website:
It will be a place where you can find the latest dōTERRA information, classes being offered, ways to use the oils, and MORE!