By Bryson and Graham

The 6 Steps of the Naturalization Process

1. Gain admittance to the US as a legally permanent resident.

2. Must live in the US for 5 years after filing for naturalization

3. Establish an actual residency

4. Take a test that shows basic knowledge of US government and history

5. Exemplify moral character and understanding of the Constitution

6. Must be at least 18.

How can you lose citizenship?

-taking oath to a foreign state

-being convicted of treason

-renouncing US citizenship within the US

-Serving an armed force that is against the US

-accepting employment with a foreign government

What is an illegal alien?

Someone who has entered the US illegally (without proper documentation)

What is a legal alien and what can they do?

A legal alien is not of nationality of that country, but resides in that country (not a US citizen). They don't stay here permanently unless they become a citizen. They're usually here for work, travel, or study.