Welcome To English 9!!

With Mrs. Allen!!


Hello, my name is Jon Ferrell and welcome to English 9. You're going to love this class as long as your okay with reading, and adore having a fun and creative teacher. Although, you're going to have to work hard and do your homework, as well as stay vigilant. So be ready for a fun and hard working year.
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The Odyssey

In the almost end of the year you get to learn about read and watch The Odyssey. You get to watch Odysseus outsmart and fight a cyclops named Polyphemus. Have an affair on his wife Penelope with a witch goddess. Get held captive on the island of the goddess of captivity. And come home to many suitors trying to take his wife, who he basically kills all of them while they are defenseless.

Independant Reading

Mrs. Allen gives you multiple books to read throughout the school year. For the most part you get to pick from any book you like whether it be big or small. She gives you a reading quota of a certain amount of pages per day depending on the length of our book, you can do it that way or read the whole thing in one night... her way is a lot better.

My Favorite ~(-.-)~ <---- Lil Dancing Man

My favorite part about the class, aside from the amazing teacher, is probably getting to watch the movies from the books that the class reads together. You get to watch two versions of Romeo and Juliet, The Hunger Games, and The Odyssey.

My Least Favorite

I don't like having to have an independent reading book, especially on top of the current work. It is quite bothersome, but you learn to love.

My Personal Advice

One of the huge ways to get a good grade in the class is to do homework, along with reading your independent reading book on time. And most of all, pay attention in class every detail is vital, missing out on anything could leave you stranded clueless as to whats going on.

The Top 5 Ways to Stay Organized

1. Don't be like me and put all the papers in the folder pocket of your binder.
2. Put papers in the right order the first time.
3. When you are absent get your absent papers ASAP.
4. Do your homework on time so that you get it back at the correct time for it to be placed into your binder.
5. Avoid getting behind at all costs, getting behind will leave you trying to get back on track for the remainder of the 9 weeks.
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