Affordable Child Care

Experienced Baby Sitter Available

About Me

My name is Kyla and I'm an experienced baby sitter with over ten years experience in child care. I have worked in several positions long and short term from after school care, resort baby sitting and holiday programs, helping at home day cares, work in nursery and Sunday school programs, and organizing community events for children over seas. I have international training and don't believe parents should lose half their income to secondary child care.

Days, Evenings and Weekends

As most families that need help during the day do so because of medical appointments or work, I charge $5 an hour, per child. Alternatively, if you have a long day ahead of you, I charge $25 a day, per child based on a 9 -4, or 10 - 5 day. I do have a different rate for after 5 pm, and for Saturday and Sundays, however I am always negotiable! Its a rate of $10 an hour, per child but I can drop the prices for groups (See Additional Information)

Additional Information

MORE THAN ONE: I'm used to working with groups of children. $2.50 / hour an additional child. If you are asking for a full day shift, I only charge an additional $5 for the day.

First Aid and CPR- I have this! I also have several references from a variety of positions available for those who are interested. I also have a full portfolio and an informational sheet I need filled out for families to fill out.

For those of you who need help with group outings and events, I have negotiable prices. This is referring to those of you who have adult outings planned with other friends who have kids! Why would each of you try and find your own baby sitter when you can have one or two do the job for less? Call and ask about our group prices.

Contact Me!

You can reach my by email at any time of the day, but for phone conversations, 11 am - 8 pm is best.