Ingredients for Success

Spelling Bee Champ

Congratulations to Prem Krishnamurthy!

Upcoming Events


December 15:

  • Kendra at ETF
  • Faculty Meeting at 3:30

December 16:

  • Leader of the Week - Wilbur Wright (4th grade)
  • Happy birthday, Kayla!
  • Magnet Tour
  • Science Fair Parent Meeting (6:00-7:00)

December 17:

  • Kelly at ETF
  • Leadership Symposium
  • Attendance Meeting (9:30-10:30)

December 18:

  • Movie Field Trip

December 19:

  • Central Area Principals' Meeting
  • DARE Graduation (9:00-10:00)

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


January 2:

  • Teacher Workday


Ho! Ho! Ho! - Only 5 more to go.

Please release all Golden Gators to the Music Room at 2:15 today. Thank you!

Case 21 for 5th grade will be administered tomorrow (Tuesday) from 8:30-10:30.

If you have not yet put up your scoreboard with class goals, please put them up this week. They can be found here.

We will have a staff meeting this afternoon immediately after school. If you do not have a duty this afternoon, please go to the Media Center to enjoy refreshments prior to our tribute to Debbie Powell. We will serve people in shifts so we can begin promptly at 3:30.

Tis the week for lots of fun and real world experiences. Thank you for being flexible, understanding and recognizing that it is "tis the season".

Please try to make learning as meaningful and purposeful as possible this week. Please make learning fun by adding that holiday twist while still teaching your goals and objectives.

I was reminded at a principals' meeting last week that we should be using C-MAPP when planning, and I know that you are, and that we should be very mindful of the pacing guide. WCPSS is doing unannounced drop-ins to check if we are on track, using C-MAPP and if we are paced accordingly.

Please secure your classrooms for the holidays. Please have all desks cleaned out, food thrown out, blinds lowered and closed, all technology under lock and key and out of sight, computers covered--Juan will bring around garbage bags, and rooms cleaned before leaving on Friday. Please make sure that all refrigerators are cleaned out and emptied. If you have any valuables at school, please take them home. Any furniture on your patios should be brought in. We will come around on Friday afternoon between 1-2 to check each classroom. Thanks so much.

I have a meeting on Wednesday at 11:00 and should be back at school around 1:30-2:00. Kendra is out on Monday for a training and Kelly on Wednesday.

You might want to consider taking the flu shot if you haven't already. Although, I understand that the virus that is going around now is not impacted by the vaccine, there are other flu viruses that are. Take steps now to stay healthy this winter season.

Please let us know if you are having difficulty logging your students on to our web based programs. Our school is below average on participation and usage. Congratulations to Ms. Hawley's class who has the highest growth and participation this quarter in Achieve 3000. Way to go Ms. Hawley's class!

This week is Holiday Cheer Week:

Monday - Holiday Head Ornament

Tuesday - Festive Holiday Attire (bust out your tacky Christmas sweater)

Wednesday - Six lucky people will have a free class period. More details to come!

Thursday - Jeans and Combs Spirit Wear (Movie Day)

Friday - Dress up as your Favorite Holiday Book Character.

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