About Me

This is a little flyer about me!


I have accomplished many things Like all A+s before and in cross country i have gotten 1st place once and 2nd and 3rd many times out of 20 - 150 people depending on the races. And gotten all star cast in one act play.

What I wish to accomplish.

I wish to accomplish getting all 100's once during my senior year. To graduate. To beat all of my games and to finish my animation. I hope to accomplish getting my certifications in technology for A+ computer mantinace and NET+ for networking.


Some classes that i have took include

Comp maint




Adv biology

Theater arts


My grades come around most the time a Low B to a low A they would be higher if i wasn't as lazy as i am. When i was littler i always made good grades and never slacked off but as i reached high school the work became easier and i slacked off.

I was in GT ( gifted and talented ) a class for kids who made good grades and thought out side of the box.