physical propertes

by tieler sanders

metals are elements ,things that a metal might have high melting pionts or be lustrey or heavy titanum is one metal on the peroidoc table

some facts about tianiium are that as you can see its very lurstrey .

also you can see in the picture tha its verry rough and dull also it has a verr high melting piont

medloids are things that have propteys of metals and nonmetals they might be strechy or shiny or dull they might be clear or hard .

silicon is an example of a medliod .as you can see in the picture its lustrey .its also solid as you can see and it has a dark blackish collor

a non medal is somthing that has no proptes of a medal an example is hydroigen so phycal prooteys are tjat it is clear a gass and it can be turened in to water . i could not get a picture because my computer is stupid but i looked up the propetys