Coaching Corner

Volume 1 / Issue 13: Professional Learning Edition

Summer is Here!

Who's with me? I am so excited for summer! I'm looking forward to hanging out with my two-year-old and not having to wake up super early. This is this first summer that I will not be attending any conferences, but that doesn't mean that I will not be learning. Summer is a great time to reflect and get rejuvenated for next year. Here are a few free ways to stay relevant and to keep learning this summer. I have more, but I thought 3 ideas would be enough. If we can just tackle one. #summergoals
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TED Talks

Get inspired! Watch some of these awesome teachers on this TED Talk playlist:

Talks from inspiring teachers


If you are not on it. Get on it. There are lots of ways you can learn new ideas and see what teachers around the world are doing. Below are some of my favorite hashtags. Click on the link and just read through the posts, see pictures, or read articles.

Check out this article by

The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education

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Summer Book Club

As a district, we are reading the following books this summer:

Mindset by: Carol Dweck

Multiplier Effect by: Elise Foster, Liz Wiseman, and Lois Allen

Teaching with Poverty in Mind by: Eric Jensen

Contagious Culture by: Anese Cavanaugh

Read the book this summer and have a conversation with a colleague about it. This is a great way to refresh and get new ideas for next year!

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Keepin' It Real

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to summer. Micah and I have been counting down to "Mama and Micah Summer!" I hope you all have a wonderful summer and are able to take the time to refresh and reflect. See you next year!