Nearpod Application

For Full Content

Due to popular demand...

If you are interested in using Nearpod in your classroom next year, please complete the linked application.

150 full content licenses for PK-12 teachers will be purchased to use. Returning teachers to the district will have first dibs so don't delay and apply today!

Please fill out the short application by May 25th. At that point, any remaining licenses will be available for new teachers to Neosho to apply.

Full access features: increased storage for lessons and already created Slide shows (or Powerpoints), virtual field trips, link fave web tools, access to 1,000's of ready to teach, standards aligned lessons, teacher dashboard to monitor student progress...and much more.

If you are unfamiliar, here are a few links to check out Nearpod: (Create an account to explore)

This is Nearpod: the 21st Century Classroom

Nearpod Intro Video

You will receive notification of your Nearpod subscription acceptance by May 27th.

Please use the link below to apply.

You will have to be signed into your Google account as the form will be collecting email address to simplify the acceptance process.

How does Nearpod work?

  • You create or upload an already created Google Slide/PPT or download an already created Nearpod presentation from the Nearpod store.
  • Launch Nearpod lesson.
  • Students enter a pin number to join on any web-based device. Chromebooks and iPads will work perfectly!
  • You can control what the student sees by advancing the slides as you are teaching or allow students to work thru the Nearpod presentation at their own pace. You can set up formative assessment and polling options along the way.
  • Review the data on your teacher dashboard for real time feedback to drive your instruction.
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