Wanted Dead or Alive

Honeysuckle, Lonicera or Caprifoliaceae Bounty: $500,000


From witnesses say this is what they witnessed.

  • Has a sweet smell
  • Produces nectar
  • Strong fibrous stems
  • Thornless hollow twigs
  • Opposite Leaves

Origin and Transportation

This Invasive species Is from both Europe and Asia. The way of transportation is mostly from birds and rarely from water.

Where it did the crimes that we shall punish for.

The crimes and the whereabouts for this vial creature can be found on this map around town. They wipe out all the small shrubs in many forests and dry up our moist soil. It has been a disturbance for years and especially to farmers. If you find them in your home or near your are, try to contain them and pull of the stump or cut it. that should stop the growth.