Joseph Armato

Ethical Business Professional

Contracting Expertise

Joseph Armato is considered an expert consultant and contractor, someone who is capable of consistently providing clients comprehensive, quality contracting solutions that best meet their needs. A leader in the contracting field for nearly 30 years, Armato continues to take a client-first approach to contracting services, putting the client’s needs and interests ahead of everything else. He has owned Nationwide Contracting for over 28 years.

Joseph Armato - Providing Miracles Where They’re Needed the Most

Joseph Armato is fond of the saying ‘you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give,’ something that has driven him to contribute and give back to numerous charities throughout his professional career. The leader of a successful contracting and consulting firm, Armato stays true to that idea to this day, making a difference in any and every way that he can.

Giving back is, without a doubt, an important, even indispensable part of Joseph Armato’s life, particularly to those without the resources or means needed to maintain a healthy, safe and productive life. This is why Armato throws his support behind the Smile Train organization, a group devoted to providing much-needed cleft palate and lip surgery to children in underdeveloped countries. As both Armato and Smile Train know, children with unrepaired palates, which totals in the millions, often don’t have the ability to properly eat or speak, and are often isolated or chastised at school, work and in their local communities.

Joseph Armato is passionate about supporting this noble cause, which makes a simple and relatively easy surgical option available to those in dire need. Smile Train devotes all charitable contributions directly towards providing these much needed surgeries to kids throughout underdeveloped countries, committing all raised funds to help children achieve better, healthier and happier lives.

For Armato, supporting the Smile Train organization was a no-brainer, as the cause continues to provide a proven and much-needed service to children throughout the world.

Joseph Armato - Needy Kids Deserve Our Help

Helping disadvantaged children is extremely important to Joseph Armato, who, over the years, has consistently and generously demonstrated his commitment to providing both the fundamentals, and the educational opportunities, struggling children need to develop into and thrive as successful and productive adults.

Joseph Armato believes that every effort should be made to contribute towards the needs of disadvantaged children, and that those looking to give back should take the time to research potential charitable opportunities before making a significant financial commitment. Through his own research process, Armato discovered Children International, a leading and highly successful humanitarian organization that provides effective support and assistance to hundreds of thousands of needy children throughout the globe.

Joseph Armato believes he has found one of the smartest and most effective ways to make a difference for impoverished children, and is proud to provide ongoing support, and make generous contributions, to a group with a reputation for international charitable excellence. As he knows, Children International helps disadvantaged children through nutritional support, medical care, quality clothing and educational assistance, each of which help impoverished kids begin to build a better, stronger and happier future for both themselves and their local communities.

Children International, as Armato knows, has an established and effective framework in place, one that has provided, and continues to provide, much-needed support to children throughout the globe. A smart, efficient and proven nonprofit, they continue to be relied upon for the help and services needy children need to survive and prosper well into the future.

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Joseph Armato - Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

Joseph Armato first founded the Nationwide Contracting and Consulting, Inc. firm over 28 years ago, and has since built and maintained a proven industry leader; a team of professionals with a reputation for contracting excellence, and who understand what it takes to provide a fulfilling and satisfactory experience to each and every client, each and every time. Providing stellar, unbeatable services to both businesses and families, is Armato’s specialty, and is something both he and the Nationwide team have excelled in for nearly three decades.

Joseph Armato is an expert when it comes to real estate development, and has continually supplied that expertise to his company’s clients. A diligent and determined professional with a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, Armato provides expert leadership to the Nationwide team, ensuring his company is always heading in the right direction, and is constantly focused on making each client experience special, satisfying and memorable.

Not only is Joseph Armato a highly successful real estate entrepreneur, he is also a compassionate and chartable individual; someone who has parlayed his success into what has become a successful career in local philanthropy. Through his ongoing support of such organizations as Smile Train, Children International, The Fresh Air Fund, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and more, Armato is able to make a positive and tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate throughout the region and the globe, and to show just how invested he is in the health, strength and ongoing prosperity of the local community.

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