Yertle the Turtle:

An Elementary Dictator

Who is Yertle the Turtle?

Here is where you have a short (3-5 sentence) summary of the text.

Your last sentence should be an introductory sentence explaining how Yertle is a symbol for dictators throughout history (insert your dictator here)

Yertle the Turtle vs Your Dictator

How is Yertle like your dictator?

Here is where you explain how Yertle is like your dictator. You should include the following things:
  • What your dictator did that was so bad
  • How your dictator affected the country they ruled
  • How do they compare with Yertle
  • Use evidence from the text that shows how Yertle was the dictator of the pond

About us:

Shentel: did everything
Suzie: acted like she was helping
Darrin: talked with other groups the whole time
Jerry: just sat there starring off into space