Saving for a car

By : Austin, Jacob E., and Mawwc

Financial Information

  • We need to look for deals for the price of the vehicle.
  • We need to look for the best MPG's for work or school.
  • Quality of the vehicle for the best price.
  • How many miles the vehicle has.
  • The most affordable monthly payments.

Decision-making strategies

  • Use certain websites to compare prices, such as Car Fax or Car Soup
  • If you find a car that you like search around for better prices on it.
  • When you find a vehicle think about what you are going to buy for it, do you need it or not.
  • Try to find an estimation for maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, and etc.
  • Make sure you will be able to afford the monthly payments for your vehicle.
  • Try to find a lower payment for a longer time so that the cost is lower.

Cost benifit anaylisis

  • It will be a chick magnet
  • Limo service

Cost Comaprision

This limo is much more expensive, but it is better quality and more luxerious

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