Not a man, a TUB-man!

Vote Harriet Tubman to be on the $20 bill!

Did you know?

  • Harriet Tubman is mostly known as the “Moses of her People,” but she had a few other names? Her birth name was Araminta Harriet Ross, and she was known as “Minty” for short.
  • Because of the Underground Railroad the selfish slave masters had to learn to do things by themselves because the slaves were gone.
  • Harriet worked for the Union Army making meals and nursing injured soldiers. She was also a brave solider. She is most famous for leading the Combahee River expedition.

  • The first of many journeys to the North was before her niece Kessiah was at risk of being sold. Luckily, her rich husband managed to outbid anyone else.

  • Harriet also had a disability. She had Narcolepsy or sleeping spells. She could fall asleep any time and any place. This was caused by a severe blow to the head by a 2-pound iron weight thrown at another enslaved African, but it hit Harriet on the head when she was about 12 years old.

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