6th Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Bloom and Mrs. Cochrane

Important Dates & Announcements

Schedule for Specials:

Tuesdays- Music & Art

Thursdays- PE & Library

Students are required to participate in P.E. unless we have a note from a parent or doctor. Please make sure they have appropriate shoes and clothing on Thursday.


Istation Testing

  • Monday the 2nd: Fire drill
  • Wednesday the 4th: PE & Library
  • Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th: No School
  • Tuesday the 10th: Send Midterms Home
  • Saturday the 14th: Solar Eclipse
  • Friday the 20th: 1:00 PTO Meeting
  • Tuesday the 31st: 1:00 Halloween Parade then class STEM Parties


We are off and running with our new Amplify curriculum! We have been doing a lot of writing and focusing on one small moment. If you feel like your student needs extra practice, students are able to access programs and apps on Amplify (single sign on). They are able to practice grammar (Quill) and many other English Language Arts skills.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math: We will be learning how to add, subtract, and multiply multi-digit decimals and how to divide multidigit whole numbers and decimals.

Math Home Activity: A trip to the gas station offers a wonderful opportunity to practice decimal operations. The next time you stop to get gas, compare the prices of the different grades of gasoline. When you finish filling up, calculate how much your gasoline would have cost if you had purchased a different grade. How much did you save or could you have saved by using a less expensive grade?

Science: We are about to begin a new journey studying what past geoscience processes can tell us about Earth materials and natural hazards and discovering how this knowledge can be applied to our world.

Social Studies: Civilizations' Adaptations is our first unit where we will explore the maps, resources, and biomes to better understand how civilizations adapted to their surroundings.

Grades and Redo Assignments

Students who are absent need to go to the teacher in that subject for missing work. Each teacher is responsible for the grades in that subject. We will allow students to redo assignments (some conditions will apply). However, it will be their responsibility to follow-up on redos in a timely manner.


The most important homework we expect from students is to READ (30 minutes daily at home) & master their multiplication facts. Please help support your child in these endeavors. Other homework will also be required, usually to reinforce daily assignments and assessments.

Contact Information

Please know that we are here for students and families. We will be communicating through weekly newsletters (sent home on Mondays) and DOJO. You may also contact us through email or phone. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

Phone- (208) 525-7660

Mrs. Bloom - Email: bloojudy@sd91.org

Mrs. Cochrane - Email: cochtami@sd91.org