Sixth Grade Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Cochrane and Miss Ries

Important Dates -

Monday, Oct. 3- Midterms sent home

Wednesday, Oct. 5 Istation monthly testing

Thurs. Fri. Oct. 6-7- No School (teacher professional development)

Wed. Oct. 12- Museum of Idaho

Oct. 10 & 13 Mon. & Thurs.- Parent Teacher Conference. Please return resoponse by Mon. Oct. 3

Math - Newsletter

We are reviewing Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor from Module 2 as well as beginning Module 3, which focuses on fraction division. If your child struggles with division or multiplication, it would be wonderful to work on those skills at home with them This week since it is a short week, there will be no math homework. However, in the future If students have any questions about their homework, they can bring it in on Friday for help and support. If you have any questions regarding math please feel free to reach me on ClassDojo or by email.

Reading - Writing - Grammar - Newsletter

Reading -Students are continuing to read Percy Jackson and the "Lightning Thief." We are also studying the stages (monomyth) of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey." Students will identify the patterns of the "Hero's Journey" in books and movies. We have also started our group book studies. Students are reading some amazing books!

Writing and Grammar-In grammar, students are identifying different types of pronouns. They are also learning meanings of prefixes and suffixes.

Spelling will be assessed on Friday.

Science - Social Studies - Newsletter

In Science this week, students will create a google slides project about tsunami research they conduct on their own. In Social Studies, students are presenting their Biomes Presentations.

Contact Information

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