JHU Advisor Blast - May 2016

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Aloha Masters track teachers,

Happy May Day and congratulations on nearly completing your first year of teaching and learning! I am sure you are welcoming the idea of slowing down in the coming summer months. I will be around this summer, so please know I am still available. It was great connecting with some of you during Liz's visit!

If you are receiving this email, it means that you are planning to continue to pursue your Master's (rather than credential only). If this is not the case, please email me ASAP.

Action Items and Important Information

A few important notes and action items for you as you look toward the rest of your Master's programming:

- Portfolio Confirmation <action required for 2-year MA>:
By May 13th, you need to reserve a spot in the portfolio 2016-2017 course HERE. This will secure a place for you and help the program team ensure small class sizes and appropriate instructor-student pairings. Before doing so, you should watch the video of the portfolio orientation call HERE. All this was sent in an email from the Program Team last week, so this is just a reminder. Shout-out to Scott, Lindsey, Kalika, Tuyet, Alyson, Bailey, Raina, & Luke for already completing this!

- Summer Electives: The 2-year Master's program plan has you taking one of your three electives this summer (as I mentioned in the last blast, Spring TFA Pathway course has been changed back to an elective). Many students, however, have opted to take 2 or 3 electives in anticipation of portfolio and a heavier course load in the second year. If you do not have a busy summer, I strongly encourage you to consider this - you will thank yourself later! Also, please make sure that you only register for sections that are listed on the approved elective list from the Program Team. Summer registration closes on May 31st, and some courses are already full.

- Financing Your Summer Electives: Summer electives are covered by your 2nd year of AmeriCorps Money up until the $5,730 mark. If you take 3 electives this summer, you should plan on making some payment since your bill will exceed that amount.

- Financing The Rest of your Degree: Folks on a 2-year track should anticipate that the second year of programming is more expensive with an out of pocket payment of $8,580 (Pay Schedule HERE). You may want to note that the financial aid priority deadline is June 1 for the fall semester. You can find out more information about financial aid at the financial aid site: http://www.students.education.jhu.edu/financial/.

- Bill notices: Another round of paper billing statements were sent out recently, and I understand that many of you are concerned. If your balance is at the $5,730 mark, no payment is necessary. You will not be charged the $100 late fee. Once your AmeriCorps money is processed at the end of your 1st year of service, you will receive instructions on how to send the money to JHU. This will likely happen in August. Unfortunately, Student Accounts is not set up to take you off the automatic billing cycles, so you will continue to receive these bills. If your account is above $5,730, however, you should plan to make a payment.

-Unsatisfactory Academic Standing: If a student earns an F, a second C, or the GPA falls below a 3.0, students will be put on academic probation (see full policy HERE). In such a case, we will work together to develop a plan for reinstatement to good academic standing. Please reach out if you think this may apply to you.

-End of Semester Survey: The EOS Survey will open on May 2nd. You will receive an email with the link. We truly value your feedback and use it to make changes over the summer, so please plan in 10-15 minutes to share your thoughts between May 2-13

Mahalo for Reading!

Robyn Wakalua Vierra, Ed.D

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