Missions Moments

April 3, 2019

Serve Day - April 27th!

Mark your calendar and plan to be a part of Serve Day on Saturday, April 27 8 AM-Noon. We will be serving a few of our local schools and a couple of our local partners. Sign-up & serve details will be coming soon - look for them in the Sunday Worship Guide. Email Ross Robinson for further details rrobinson@valleydale.org

Disaster Relief Training at Valleydale!

Did you attend the Disaster Relief Encounter during WorldReach Celebration week and decide that you want to make your service with Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief "official?" Valleydale Church is hosting a training weekend April 25-27. For more information about Disaster Relief, email Joe Long at wjlong1953@gmail.com.

Visit the State Disaster Relief website by clicking here. You will find information on current training classes.

College Students Serve with NAMB's GenSend

During the month of March, several groups of college students from around the US served with the North American Mission Board's GenSend, to help with disaster relief in Florida. Teams are still cleaning up after devastation to the panhandle of FL.

Did You Know...

Our Partners would LOVE to hear from you!

Connecting with Valleydale Church's North American Church Planting partners is just a click away! If you would like to know more about our partners and their churches check out their websites by clicking below.

Ben Presten * New King Church * Burlington, VT * newkingchurch.com

Matthew Delaughter * Immanuel NOLA * New Orleans, LA * immanuelnola.com

Bill Johnson * Reach the Nations * Clarkston, GA * rtnatlanta.com

Thomas Hudson * Pillar Washington, D.C. * pillardc.com

Tim Milner * Essential Church * Huntsville, AL * essentialhsv.com

Mission Teams Away...Please Pray!

Brandon Mallette is leading a team of 8 to Armenia where they are distributing SD cards containing the Bible and other resources to Central Asians traveling outside their country for vacation. They will return Thursday, April 4th. This team is pictured below.

Rob Compton is leading a team of 3 men to Nepal where they will share the gospel with unreached people groups and have the opportunity to encourage local believers and workers. They are scheduled to return April 13th!

Big picture

Trip Reports...


Joseph Anderson led a team of 10 college students to London where they worked alongside Nathan Howard's church - Enfield Town Community Church. Turkey Street and more specifically the Elsinge Estate is the area that is being researched for a potential new church plant. One of Joesph's team assignments was to survey these areas to learn if they were ready for a church plant. The team was able to start each day out with prayer before going door-to-door surveying the community to gain insight into the community's spiritual climate. Please pray that God would continue to work in the hearts of the people in these two communities. Pray that as Enfiled Town Community Church continue to canvas the areas that the Gospel would be well-received.

2019 Mission Trips

  • Huntsville, AL - Dates are TBD - Patrick Sawyer and Alan Renfroe will lead a Men's Construction trip to help Tim Milner continue renovation on their new church building. For more information on how to join this team email Patrick at psawyer@valleydale.org
  • Brazil - May 25 - June 2. Valleydale's team will work with the local church body to construct a building for a local church through the Brazil Baptist Association. Additionally, the team will witness to local workers/community through daily devotion/prayer time and a dedication service.
  • Burlington, VT - May 28 - June 3. Valleydale will send a team of up to 10-12 people to Burlington to serve alongside New King Church. We will help New King Church with labor projects as they continue to renovate their new building. We will also help New King's leadership prepare and be ready to accept new believers by setting a path for genuine discipleship. Trip Leader, Lucius Guthrie lguthrie@valleydale.org
  • Builders for Christ - June 3-7. Valleydale will send a team of men and women to Groton, Connecticut to build a 600-seat unattached sanctuary for Groton Bible Chapel. If you are interested in being on this team please email the trip leader, Ralph Harris at james21718@bellsouth.net.
  • Cuba - June 15-22. Josh Knierim will lead a team of Valleydale Students, Juniors & Seniors, to Cuba to serve with Servant Life.
  • New Orleans, LA - June 19-23. Valleydale will send a team of up to 40 people to work with Matthew Delaughter's church plant called Immanuel Community Church. This team will organize & work a football camp for the neighborhood youth of Treme. For more information on how to sign up for this trip email trip leaders Matthew & Kelsey Bryant mtbryant@southernco.com or Matt & Kristen Howard at mhoward04@gmail.com.
  • Moldova - June 27 - July 6. Valleydale will send a team of men and women to help plant a church in a village that is without a gospel-teaching church. This team will facilitate a medical clinic, as well as a VBS for the children in the village. To join this team email the trip leader, Ross Robinson at rrobinson@valleydale.org.
  • Huntsville, AL - July 3-7. Valleydale will send families to Essential Church to work with Tim Milner. For more information about this trip, email Lauren Weathers at the_weathers@yahoo.com
  • Clarkston, GA - August 17-18. A Valleydale team will take a short trip to Reach the Nations to work with the church planter, Bill Johnson. For more information on this trip email Bronson Kilgore at bkilgore@southernco.com
  • Washington, D.C. - September 26-29. Valleydale will send a team of men and women to work with the NAMB church plant called Pillar D.C. This team will work alongside Pillar D.C. to build community relationships through marketing strategies and through a street festival. There will also be an opportunity to serve a meal to the Marine community. This trip is great for families and adults of all ages. If you have served in the military this would be a really special trip for you to join! If you are interested in joining this team email trip leader, Dawn Sawyer at dms717@hotmail.com
  • East Asia - Fall 2019. This trip boasts an exciting opportunity to engage with an unreached people group through evangelism, prayer walking, and encouraging international workers and local believers. We will also explore some of God's most beautiful landscapes! For more information email partnership coordinator, Brett Mims at bmims@hotmail.com
  • Middle East - October 2019. The team will provide support and encouragement to our partners and local believers to further the gospel in an unreached people group. For more information email Missions Pastor, Ross Robinson rrobinson@valleydale.org
  • London - Dates are TBD. This team will continue laying the foundation for a new church plant in London. For more information email Missions Pastor, Ross Robinson rrobinson@valleydale.org
Mission Trip Application - Click Here

To access the mission trip paperwork click on the link. The link will direct you to the Missions Manual, where you will find all the paperwork on pages 15-22 (application, medical form, and release).

Mission Trip Background Check - Click Here

If you are going on a mission trip, please complete the background check by clicking on this link. The background checks are good for 4 years. Results are sent directly to the mission pastor, Ross Robinson.

Mission Trip Child Protection Training Video

If you are planning on going on a mission trip with Valleydale Church please be sure to watch this child protection training video before you go!