Trailblazer Times

February 8-12, 2016


Feb 8: Chinese New Year! Year of the Monkey!

Feb 8: K-2nd DLI Vertical Planning Day

Feb 8: RtI Meetings for learners needing to change Tier Level...let Tricia know if you have a learner in this situation

**Feb 8: TELPAS Training in DCE Library

Feb 9: PLC Planning Day 1st AM and 4th PM

Feb 10: Because you are loved, wear jeans day!!

**Feb 10: Team Leader Meeting @ 7:00am in Dani's room

Feb 11: PTO Meeting in Library @ 1:45pm

Feb 12: Valentines Day Parties Last Hour of Day


Feb 15: No school for students: Staff Development Day (more info to come)

Feb 16: PLC Planning Day 3rd AM and 5th PM

Feb 16: DLI Educator Meeting @ DCE Library @ 3:30pm

Feb 17: PLC Planning Day Kinder AM and 2nd PM

**Feb 17: TELPAS Calibration Training in Computer Lab

Feb 18: PLC Planning Day 1st AM and 4th PM

Feb 18: Lockdown and Evacuation Drill @ 2:00pm

Feb 19: Progress Reports Go Home

Feb 22: 2nd DCE SAMR Showcase! (more info to come on room assignments)

Feb 24: SBDM Meeting

Feb 26: Jump Rope for Heart!!

Feb 29: Leap Year!!

Feb 29: B Hallway Pot Luck Lunch

Feb 29: Vertical Team Meeting


1. Please double check your attendance each day to ensure it is correct and on time. If you have any questions, please let Tricia or myself know.

2. Make sure you have communicated with your parents the time for your Valentines Day party. As parents call in to the office, we will be letting them know it is the last hour of the day; however, make sure they know early on in the week in case they want to come up to celebrate with their child.

3. As Tricia and I finish your 2nd round of observations, please let us know if you want a post conference if we don't schedule one with you.

4. PLEASE be on time for the TELPAS training Monday. The quicker we are all in there, the quicker we can get started! Come ready to focus!

5. 3rd-5th: PLEASE DO NOT release older siblings to go and meet up with their younger sibling until you are outside with your class and know that the K-2 teachers are outside as well. Remind your students that the expectation is that they sit by their younger sibling. (this means no climbing behind the bushes, standing away from their sibling, running around,.....)


CELEBRATE...high praise from the auditor! She was very impressed with DCE!

CELEBRATE...Kendra for stepping in and helping with picture day! Your organization made the day run smoothly!!

CELEBRATE...high praise from Penny about all the outstanding curriculum assessment documents you collected for the auditors!

CELEBRATE...the Denver Broncos winning the Superbowl! (if you were hoping the other team had won...I'm sorry...maybe next year?)


Feb 4: Otilia Garza

Feb 12: Gwynne Ross

Feb 15: Heather Hildebrand