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A Message From The Academics Chair. :)

OChem 112B STUDY GROUP Spring 12'-------------------------->

"Seeking Knowledge Not For The Sake Of Learning, But For The Passion Of
Understanding The Unknown."


Hey Guys!

Round Two Of Midterms Is Here! Can You Believe It? It Seems Like Only Last Week We Were All Getting To Know Each Other At The Boba Tea House Social, And First Gen! Now Look Where We Are.. Week (Insert#Here). I Know We All Have Busy Schedules, With Friends, Socials, And Other EC's, And Studying Can Be Such A Drag, But Thats Where I Come In! :D MATUTOR And TUTORIALS- A Somewhat Social Meeting Place For You And Your Friends To Study.. So.. In Essence, You Get The Best Of Both Worlds.. :D

So If You Want To Be With Your Friends, But You Need To Study, Come Through! There Are Two More Dates Added To The Matutor Schedule! :)

Thanks To You Guys Who Have Been Going All Quarter. Winners Of The Raffles Will Be Announced At Kris Kringle, So Make Sure You Go To That! :)

Best Of Luck With Midterms, And What Not!

- Randel James d. Jiao


Sunday, Nov. 18th 2012 at 6pm


New Days Added To Matutor/ Tutorial Schedule Effective Nov. 18th.

Sunday- MATUTOR: 6-9:00Pm (Science Library)

Monday- MATUTOR: 1-3:00Pm (Rivera Library)

Tuesday- TUTORIALS: 10-12Pm (Science Library)

Thursday- MATUTOR: 1-3Pm (Rivera Library)