Conserving Energy

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Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives. Think about it, we use electricity for almost everything we do whether it's turning on the lights in our house, playing our favourite video game or even blow drying our hair. The problem is that the amount of electricity Canadians use is quite high. In fact, Canada was considered the sixth largest user of energy in the world. This can have serious environmental impacts, and even cause humans and animals to get sick.

Conserving energy is important because most of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels. If we use up all our fossil fuels, there will not be any left for people to use in the future because it is a non-renewable source of energy. The other reason for conserving energy is the health and well-being of every life form on the entire planet. Using fossil fuels and some other energy forms pollutes the environment in many ways.

One of the ways we can reduce our electricity us is to conserve it when possible. We can conserve energy in school by turning off all computer monitors when they are not in use; turn off all lights when leaving rooms and make signs to remind everyone that saving energy is important. If everyone conserves a small amount of electricity, it can make a difference.

Energy saving appliances and devices also help conserve energy. Some examples of this are motion control lights, kettles and irons with “automatic off” buttons. Energy-efficient fluorescent lights are also very useful because they use less energy than regular light bulbs do.

When we conserve energy we can save money, reduce pollution, protect wildlife and help everyone live a healthier life. It is impossible to stop using energy, but together we can try to use less.