QR Codes in the Classroom

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Spelling Homework

I have my students complete their spelling homework through a QR Code. These are the directions I gave them.

Type each word 2 times into a QR Code and print it or email it to me at (my email).

Directions: www.qrstuff.com 1. Data type is plain text. 2. Type your name and then type spelling words twice. 3. Change color if you would like. 4. Print or email.

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Scavenger Hunt


I used our class atlases to look up information about each state. The kids were allowed to bring their devices and use them in class. They used the clue and the atlas to figure out the state.

You could use this as a review for a test.

Word Walls

Add a QR Code to your word wall vocabulary words. Students can listen to how the words are pronounced. On mine, I said the word, then the definition, the word again, and lastly, I used it in a sentence.



QR Matching

Students had to match the state to the capital and they used the QR to check to see if they were right. This activity and others can be found at the following url.


20 Ways to use QR Codes in the School or Classroom

1. Link students to examples of quality work

2. Codes in parent newsletter

3. Code that gives students instructions, announcements or assignments. Can send out homework in a QR code and students can create a QR code with the answers

4. Code that leads to animation or badge for positive incentives and praise

5. Add the code to worksheets for students to check their answers

6. Add to end of an assignment as an extension or a bonus

7. Codes that link to research

8. Vote or survey - can use twitter tools or Google forms

9. Notes from class

10. QR Movie - on YouTube or a video of you re-teaching the lesson; can also be a video introducing you to parents and students; any YouTube video that you have used in class.

11. Use for vocabulary practice. Put vocabulary words around the room and give the students the QR code that has the definition.

12. Add QR Code to bulletin board that links to extra information

13. Put QR Codes on a calendar and if flipping your class, the video for that day can be in the QR Code.

14. Put on a calendar and you can scan to see what you missed the day you were absent

15. Link to google maps

16. Virtual museum

17. School lunch menu

18. Add your voice to a QR Code so when students scan it they hear you. Good for students to learn how to pronounce words.

19. Students write a review of a book they liked or did not like and put it inside the cover of the book, so other students can scan it and see if that is a book they would like to read.

20. Put a review or a video that was used in class into a QR code and then students glue or tape the code into their journals to access the information to study for tests.

**BONUS** Test Review Activity




Chrome extension > Google URL shortener had a QR Code option.

QR Hacker - www.qrhacker.com - make your own QR Codes with graphics in front or behind the code. You can even use photos.


Put a QR Code with all your contact info onto a ceramic tile. Hand them out to parents during open house. It's a coaster and a business card all in one! ;)

Miss Kankel

Instructional Specialist - Technology

Ulrich Intermediate School

Klein ISD

*All information came from my "QR Wonderful" session notes during EdCamp Waller and BISD's ecourse on QR Codes.