Romanticism Keats Project

Kyle Miller


Kumamoto City - (Birthplace of Eiichiro Oda, author of One Piece) - Literature

Naoshima - (Art Island)

Himeji Castle - Historic

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Koya

Tokyo Tower

Yoro Park

Rokurinsha Tokyo - Food

Shibuya Crossing

Tashirojima -(Cat Island)


Round trip flight from Oklahoma to Kumamoto City = $1793

Food (for about a week) = $250

Hotels (for about a week) = $1500

Trains (For moving from city to city) = $200

Ferry's (Going to several Islands) = $50

Tours (I may have overprepared on this one) = $200

Misc (For random things) = $100


Total = $4093

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Naoshima - Art Island Journal

When I first arrived in Naoshima, I was greeted by several strange views. These included giant pumpkins, rainbow camels, and even artsy trash cans. On the island I could smell the paint from all the works. Every direction I looked I could see strange art. I explored the island and took several tours of classy museums. (Most of which don't allow cameras inside, so I couldn't actually describe the things inside them) I also toured the James Bond museum, which was filled with all sorts of memorabilia. This included magazines, figurines, drawings, and even a poster signed by Daniel Craig from when Quantum of Solace came out. By the end of the day, I had seen a couple of cat statues and a lot of strange art.
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Himeji Castle - Journal

Arriving at Himeji Castle, I immediately felt the presence of all the soldiers who died fighting to take/protect it. The air was filled with the smell of death, but layered over with with a scent of cherry blossoms. The castle had stood for 400 years, and survived even extensive bombing during world war II. I could hear the sound of people around me talking and respecting the castle's beauty. Once inside I saw the walls lined with weaponry from the early 1600's. The wooden walls felt rough, after surviving 400 years of weather and outside attacks. The smell of gunpowder filled the interior of the castle. The castle was quiet on the inside, not due to a lack of people, but due to a excess of respect for the history.
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Yoro Park - Journal

Yoro Park, also known as the site of reversible destiny, was colorful in every direction. The buildings were strange, being as much a maze on the ceiling as they were on the floor. The entire park was filled with the sound of circus music, calling me to explore. One of the buildings was known as 'The critical resemblance house'. It was filled with furniture placed in the worst locations, as there was a refrigerator on the ceiling. The wall around the park looked something like the great wall of china with a golf course on top. There was also a map of Japan drawn on the floor and up some of the walls around the park, making exploring even more confusing. There was an abundance of colorful art, and the majority of it just confused me, but I enjoyed seeing it.
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Shibuya Crossing - Journal

When I first stepped onto Shibuya Crossing, I had immediately begun to be pushed along. It is one of the most hectic places on the planet. Everyone is going there own way and doing they're own thing. You can't even hear yourself speak over the sounds of about two hundred other conversations going on around you. You constantly feel other people bumping into you, moving along their day. While it may not be the most interesting of places, It was interesting to see so many people with diverse backgrounds passing by one another at the same place. Before I knew it I had reached the end of the crossing. It may not have been very exciting, but it was something I wanted to see at least once.
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Tashirojima - Cat Island Journal

My final destination on my trip was Tashirojima, the island of cats. Practically everywhere you look on the island there are cats moving around. I constantly heard the sounds of cats meowing whilst there. The cats on the island felt soft when I petted them. The air smelled like cat nip and fish, as tourists constantly fed the cats food that they had brought. I adventured around the island seeing more and more cats. There were cat themed buildings, donation boxes, and even trash cans. I stopped and ate at a cat themed restaurant, where the menu had pictures of cats all over it. (No, the cats aren't being eaten) By the end of the day, I had seen more cats than I could count.

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