Whitford Catholic Primary School

Newsletter 39 - 9 December 2020

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Message from the Principal

As I say farewell to our beautiful community, I take this opportunity of thanking everyone for the trust, support, friendship and strong partnership developed during my time as principal of Whitford Catholic Primary School.

Your generosity of spirit, vibrancy and overwhelming sense of community, has echoed my strong belief in the importance of wrapping a community of committed and skilled people around each other so that we are all empowered to flourish and grow. I believe our collective effort has been our shared success. And for that, I thank you!

To our parents, I thank you for entrusting your children to our care. Having the opportunity of seeing the face of Jesus, every day in your children, has been my most precious gift. Thank you - I have been blessed.

Congratulations to the following students - Awards for 2020


Ashley-Rose Luu

Dane Roberts

Holly Hayes


Jacob Smith

Hayley Cavanagh

Cruz Ballard


Luca Traynor

Kirby Hurd

Caitlin Richards


Ethan Clarke


Nate Anderson


Michael Cream

Erika Haskell-Dowland


Shay Burke

Jaydn Buckley


Nina Peterson


Clare Penaranda


Neave Norman


Karina Slade

I wish to congratulate our newly announced Student Leaders for 2021 and I am sure

Mr. Marando will look forward to working with them next year:

Xavier Hermann, Rufus Macfarlane-Brewer, Abby Hermann and Ella Forsyth

I also take the opportunity of thanking Jace von Bergheim, Jacob Smith, Ashley-Rose Luu and Jaydn Buckley who, as the Student Leaders for 2020, were terrific advocates for the students and great leaders.

Farewell and Best wishes to Mrs Julie Danaher on her retirement and to Mr Geoff Clarke on his new appointment as Assistant Principal at St Francis Assisi Primary School.

The star shone bright to lead people to Jesus.

May Christ’s love shine in your lives and the lives of your families

as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

Thank you


May you have a blessed Christmas.

Kindest regards

Tamara McGougan


Important Dates

Thursday 10 December

  • Year 6 Graduation Dinner

Friday 11 December

  • Final Day for Students
  • Second Semester Reports available online

Wednesday 27 January 2021

  • 9am - 11am Uniform shop will be open

Monday 1 February 2021

  • First Day for students of Term 1

Music News


How amazing are the students at our school?! Last week the students in the School Choir were absolutely magnificent in their performances at Mrs McGougan’s Farewell Assembly and the Arts Show. The students in junior part of the school were also absolutely wonderful and had such a great time performing at the Christmas Concert. I am so grateful to all of the students, their teachers, the education assistants and parents who all pitched in to make these final few performances for the year so joyful and fun. With sincerity and gratitude, thank you to everyone.


All students in Year 4, 5 and 6 will require a Recorder for their Music classes in 2021. Unfortunately this was not included on some booklists, however, having this instrument is a requirement. The Recorder is a wonderful instrument for beginning musicians because it makes learning and playing Music accessible to students of all abilities. Students this year are able to retain their Recorder for use next year. The Front Office has Recorders for sale, however, stock is very limited.

Steven Ostaszewskyj

Music Specialist

Dance and Drama 2020

Dance and Drama for 2020 has been a year we could have never imagined. I am incredibly proud of how every student within the school adapted to changes within a performance subject. Our Junior School danced at home and for the first time ever, presented an entertaining live virtual Dance Showcase "Fun.Happy.Dance"

Unfortunately, our annual public performances such as the Meraki Festival and Catholic Performing Arts Festival were cancelled. This didn't stop Boys Dance, Christian Dance and Specialist Dance rehearsing once a week at lunch. In lieu of missing performances, the students were privileged to workshops with professional Dance Specialists. Geoff Thompson had the boys spinning and six stepping and Julie von Bergheim had the Specialist Dance group bending in half with acro workshops. I am particularly proud of these groups who committed themselves to weekly rehearsals without the buzz of the popular shows. The Dance Showcase was a wonderful opportunity to see the groups show what they have been learning all year. I look forward to getting out on the stage for 2021 and finally being able to perform again!

With a last minute ask, our fabulous year 6 students were able to perform on Telethon. An incredible experience and an energy filled performance. Thank you to the parents and staff for their assistance with this.

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All of the upper school classes worked hard in class to perform twice in our very successful Dance Showcase "Fusion." We had a lot of support behind the scenes getting costumes for 300+ students sorted this term. Thank you to Lee-Anne, Jo, Kellie, Renee, Cara and our tie-dying mums who worked hard behind the scenes to make it all happen.

A huge thank you to the staff for their constant support and helping out at rehearsals. I couldn't do it without you!!

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To finish off the year we have had a "fantabulous" last couple of weeks. The memorable and entertaining performances of "Mrs McGougan of WCPS" and "Whitties Chocolate Factory." I am not sure how we can top those lively performances from the Year 5 and 6 students. Thank you to the Year 5 and Year 6 Teachers for their support and running with my crazy ideas!

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Thank you to our incredible Dance Captains, Lily, Holly, Bianca, Luca, Kirby and Caelan. You have been an amazing support and we will miss you next year!

Stay tuned for a very exciting 2021 planned.... for now, have a wonderful Christmas and break!

Candice D'Adamo

Dance and Drama Specialist

Lost Property from the Art Show

The following items were left behind last Friday. Could you please collect these from the front office by Friday morning. Items that are not collected will be donated.

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Booklists for 2021

This year we are ordering our school Booklists for Pre-Primary - Year 6 through Ziggies. Ziggies is a WA family-owned business based in Edgewater. By ordering your child’s required items through Ziggies, the school receives a commission. Ziggies also supports the Make A Wish Foundation by donating $1.50 of every click and collect order.

This week your child will bring home a booklist with all requirements for 2021. If you would like to see what is on the book list please see below:-

Click here for Year 6 Book list

Click here for Year 5 Book list

Click here for Year 4 Book list

Click here for Year 3 Book list

Click here for Year 2 Book list

Click here for Year 1 Book list

Click here for PP Book list

There are 3 options when ordering: -

Option1 – Delivery (online).

Option 2- Click and collect (online).

Option 3 – Visit the store.

Alternatively, general items such as glue sticks, rulers, scrapbooks etc may be purchased from your store of choice ie: Big W, Officeworks etc.

Please Note: All orders will be processed through Ziggie’s NOT Whitford Catholic Primary School.

Is your child not returning to WCPS in 2021?

As we are currently finalising our class lists for 2021 could you please notify the front office by email ASAP to admin@wcps.wa.edu.au if your child will not be returning to our school in 2021. Failure to give a terms notice will incur a penalty of one term's tuition fees.

Semester 2 reports available online Friday 11 December - Do you have your login details?

Whitford Catholic Primary School utilises the SEQTA Engage Parent Portal for parents to access student reports for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 at the end of each semester. If you have not already done so, please log in to SEQTA Engage to ensure you are able to access your child's report.

To do this you need to go to the following site: https://whitfordcatholicps.coneqt-p.cathednet.wa.edu.au and use your current username and password. This link is also found on the homepage of the school website under WCPS families - SEQTA reports.

If you have remembered your username but have forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot your Password?" link and an immediate email will be sent to you. The password reset link in the email will expire within one hour, so please action this immediately.

If you have forgotten both of these, then please contact the school and we can remind you of your username.

If you are new to using SEQTA Engage you will receive an email to set up a new log in account. This email will expire within 7 days so please, action this as soon as possible. If you have not received your sign-up email by week 10 or have any issues, please contact the school.

Year 6 Parents - Report Reminder

Just a reminder for Year 6 parents to please print off all of your child's reports from SEQTA as soon as possible as you will not be able to access reports once your child leaves the school.

JB Hi-Fi Portal for iPad purchase

We have again been able to arrange a discounted price for the purchase of iPads from JB HiFi.

Please see below for the link to use to purchase iPad, case etc from JB HiFi Education. No need for stylus or keyboard. We recommend the iPad and case. Parents may source a headset/microphone from wherever they want.

https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod The school code is: wcps2021


Only pre ordered lunches will be available tomorrow.

Please keep an eye out for school stream messages in 2021 for our updated summer menu.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Daniela DeLima and Kerry Craker

Canteen Managers

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be open Wednesday 27 January 2021 from 9am to 11am for any uniform requirements you may need before the start of Term 1 2021.

P and F Committee

The P&F Executive would like to thank our wonderful WCPS for their continued support during 2020.

We wish all from our school community a very special Christmas and a safe, fun and restful holiday. See you all in 2021!

Senior Art Club 2021

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Junior Art Club 2021

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Vacation Care - Whitford Little Buckets OSHC

Please click here to view vacation care program for Dec 20/Jan 21

OLM Parish News

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To view the current parish newsletter please click here

2020 Christmas Eve Outdoor Mass Nativity Play

We are looking for children to be involved in the Nativity Play, which is a feature of the Parish Christmas Eve Mass on the Whitford Catholic school oval. Those children who feel they would like to a reading, and/or play the parts of Mary, Joseph, herald, innkeepers, shepherds and angels are invited to a practice on SATURDAY 19TH DECEMBER AT 10AM. We will meet on the oval side of the church. Characters will be chosen from those present at the practice. All children are welcome to join us.

Enquiries: Leanne Fragomeni 0424 584 460


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Community News

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Keyed Up Music Lessons

Keyed Up Music will be teaching keyboard and guitar group lessons next year after school. Lessons start from $18.65 for a group of 4. If you are interested in your child learning an instrument, ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enroll at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form

Mercedes College

INTERVIEWS FOR ENROLMENTS FOR YEAR 7 2024 are being conducted early next year for any students wishing to attend Mercedes College. If you have forgotten to enrol your daughter, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 or email jlamb@mercedes.wa.edu.au. An applicable form may be downloaded from the College website. If you are still interested in ENROLMENTS FOR 2021 we have limited places available, please submit your application form as soon as possible.