The Advantages of GMOs

By: Sujay Adhikari

Better for the Body

There are already GMOs that have lower calories and less saturated fats than that product without GMOs. There are also many GMOs that have more fibers and startch. This helps our bodies become stronger and healthier.

Better for Farmers

Farmers have to spend lots of time, effort, and money buying multiple weed killers and applying them to their crops. With GMOs the crops are already resistant they only have to buy maybe one weed killer. This saves farmers time and money which also benefits buyers because the farmer can sell the crops for less.

Safer to Eat

Farmers usually use less pesticides on GMOs than non-GMOs. Pesticides can be toxic to humans, and harm the body .This means that GMOs are actually safer to eat.

Environmental Benefits

Farmers use a lot of inscet and plantt killers on their crops. These chemicals can run-off into our groundwater which ruins the environment. With GMOs crops are already resistant to these insects, so farmers will use less insect killers which helps out the environment.

Only Option

With the rapid population growth that is occurring in our world, traditional agricultural practices will not be able to feed the new population. It is essential that we use GMOs throughout the world if we are to feed the new population, and prevent famine.