2015: A Year to Remember

Everything Awesome that happened in 2015!

In this flyer you will find everything awesome and exciting stuff that happened in 2015. from sports teams to new amazing products and everything else!

The Sports Industry

The Entertainment Industry

New Products of 2015!

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a phone for your wrist. You can receive and respond to any notifications you get, Track Daily activity, play music and games and answer calls and messages! No hassle and is with you always!

IPad Pro

Innovating and game changing. IPad Pro features a 12.9 inch display with refined multi touch features, and another dimensions to complete you experience!

Top Two Movies (in my opinion) of 2015!

Star Wars the Force Awakens

Star Wars the Force Awakens, the number 1 movie in the world making $742,208,942 and rising over the weekend. This movie is making fans shake in their seats and jumping for joy and in shock of excitement. This movie brings nostalgia to die hard fans of the star wars community!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers Age of Ultron is an action packed movie featuring our original heroes, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawk-eye, Black Widow, Captain America, and a couple of new heroes by their side. Our heroes go all out saving a town being taken over by Ultron, an ai self controlled robot planning to get rid of all humans and replacing them with robots!

Top two musical artist of 2015!

Justin Bieber

Adult Pop Sensation Justin Bieber brings out his new Album purpose to all the fans out there bring joy to teens ears!


British Sensation Adele brings out her new song "Hello" to all fans out there and is her new lead single!

Inspirational People!

Cam Newton

Cam Newton, starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers is a man you must hang out with. He is an inspiration to adults and children. Everytime a touchdown is scored he always gets the football and gives it to kids in the stands!

Steph Curry

Steph Curry, a man who makes 3 pointers all day, has inspired many children to play basketball. He was voted mvp and won the nba finals with his team the Golden State Warriors!

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is an amazing quarter back everytime he says "omaha" certain amounts of money go to charity and he funds to help people of chattonooga!

LeBron James

LeBron James player of Cleveland Cavaliers makes fundraisers that help many children in need!

Dwayne "The rock" Johnson

The Rock is a very inspiring person, he has tv shows where he will always encourage and support people who are in need!

New Year Goals

Personal Imporvements

Get In better shape

Get into college

Family and Friends

Be more supportive

School and the outside world


Less Procrastination