Emmanuel Johnson

A Colonial Shopkeeper

My Life as a Colonial Shopkeeper

Hi! My name is Emmanuel Johnson and I am 35 years old. My wife’s name is Ally Johnson. I have two children who are 8 years old and 5 years old. Their names are John Johnson and Michael Johnson. My cousins are Fatima Johnson, Haadiyah Johnson, Ryan Livingston, Aliza Johnson, Timothy Rushmore, and Lauren Pruyn. I live in the colony of Boston. My usual day is a lot of people coming into my shop. I am very busy the whole day and my dad helps me out sometimes. The Town Crier of my village is my best friend. His name is Ryan Collins. He always comes to my shop. The way I get to my shop everyday is my horse. He is at my shop everyday helping me.

I am a Shopkeeper. I work with my dad in my shop in a small village near my home. I provide a good and a service. When people came to my shop, I would sell meat, veggies, eggs and a lot more. I provided a good by selling food and other things such as candles, metal and more. I provide a service by allowing people to come and talk about current news. I also allowed people to see the latest European imports. Finally, I allowed farmers to come in with extra meat, veggies, and eggs to sell or trade. I learned my job by watching and learning how to work as a Shopkeeper when I was as young as 4 years old at my dad’s store. Some of the most populated foods in my store are squash, corn pumpkin, maple sap, porridge, fish, lobster, and clams. I get leather from my cow and sheep coating from my sheep. My store is closed only on Sunday because I have to go to the Meeting House.

The tools I use at my shop with my father are the cash register, barrels, wagons and baskets.

Tools I Use At My Store

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