Back to School Tech Tips

By Rachel Speasl

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a relaxing Summer break! Hopefully your return to school will be a smooth transition into the 2014-2015 School Year!
Remind (formerly known as Remind101) allows you to send your parents text message alerts or email alerts without using your own phone!

Click on the "Remind Directions" button below to learn how to signup and begin texting or emailing alerts to your parents.

*If you created an account last year, you do not need to create a different account this year. You will just need to remove last year's class and then create a new class for this year.

Best Practices For Your Computer

It is not necessary to shut down your computer each day, but completely shutting down your computer at least once or twice a week will allow your computer to receive the important updates necessary for it to run smoothly.

If your ActivBoard suddenly does not start working, unplug all of the cords and restart your computer. Once you have logged back into the computer, plug in all cords and see if the ActivBoard begins working. If not, try plugging in the USB Cord to your ActivBoard into another port on your computer.

I have talked with several engineers and they have said that restarting a teacher's computer has helped solve many computer issues!

Getting to Know Your Lenovo

In order to acclimate you back into the classroom please visit the link below to access important information about your school issued Lenovo laptop. Take a look around and use this resource to learn the ins and outs of your laptop.
Tech Takeoff Google Site

This Google Site contains pertinent information concerning UCPS Active Directory, Moodle, Google Apps, UCPS Databases, Help Desk Tickets, PowerSchool, and Content Resources.